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					                                                                                  The University
     IN THE EVENT OF A FALSE ALARM...                                              of Arizona
1. Have an employee make contact with an officer
   outside the premises.
2. Have the person exit the premises slowly,
   identify himself or herself and obey the                                        Department
   officer’s instructions.
3. Have that person present identification to the
   officer. A report over the phone is only a                                       Partners with our
   partial verification and an officer must make
   contact to insure no robbery is in progress.                                       Community
   When the officer is satisfied that the alarm is
   false, the investigation is concluded. This is
   the same procedure that will be followed

   during an actual alarm situation.

                                                      The University of Arizona    Prevention an
                                                        Police Department
                                                         1852 E. 1st Street          Procedures
             OF YOUR AREA ?                               (520) 621-UAPD
  If you would like a survey, contact Officer Chris
  Scheopner or Officer Frank Romero, University
  of Arizona Police Department Crime
  Prevention Specialists.

To report an emergency or any suspicious activity,
               contact the police.

                  Dial 9-1-1.
                                                                                     1852 E. 1st Street
                                                                                  (520) 621-UAPD (8273)
                                                              Revised 02/05
                                                        Personal safety is always the most important                WHAT TO DO AFTER THE ROBBERY
         ROBBERY PREVENTION                             consideration when planning how to react to a         1. Call the Police 9-1-1
          AND PROCEDURES                                robbery.                                                        • Call as soon as the robbers leave the
There are numerous potential areas on campus in                                                                           premises.
which a robbery may occur. These areas include,                WHAT TO DO IF YOU ARE ROBBED                             • In the event you cannot talk, leave the
but are not limited to, the Bursar’s Office, athletic                                                                     phone off the hook.
ticket office, campus bookstore, parking office,                      Have an action plan                     2. Don’t chase the robber.
copy centers, food service operations, garage           • Remain calm                                         3. Lock the doors. Allow no one in except the
cashiers, banking centers, etc. The potential for a       Above all, take no action which would jeopardize       police.
robbery extends to any place on campus where              your personal safety! If the robber displays a      4. What to say to the police dispatcher
there is or thought to be large or significant            firearm, consider it to be loaded. If the robber              • Report the type of crime.
amounts of money.                                         Implies he has a weapon, believe it. Cooperate                • Report the location.
                                                          with the robber. You may be deprived of money                 • Was anyone injured?
The University of Arizona Police Department
                                                          or property, but you could save your life and the             • There will be a short pause while the
extends training to employees who work at
                                                          life of those around you.                                       dispatcher transmits the alarm to the
commercial sites on campus where a robbery
                                                        • Do not Resist.                                                  mobile police units. Stay on the line.
could potentially take place. Training focuses on
preventing armed robberies and how to react               Cooperate with the robber, but do not volunteer                 You will be asked for further details.
during an armed robbery.                                  to do anything other than what the robber asks.               • The exact time the robber left.
                                                          If they ask for the money in the drawer or your               • The kind of weapon used.
                                                          wallet, don’t volunteer money that may be                     • Direction of travel of the robber.
                                                          stored in another location.                                   • Description of the getaway vehicle or
              WHAT IS ROBBERY?                          • Know your escape routes.                                        method of escape.
                                                        • Explain your movements.                                       • Description of the robber.
Robbery: A person commits robbery if in the course        If you must put your hands in your pockets or                 • Description of clothing.
of taking any property of another against their will,     reach under a counter for a key or a bag or
                                                                                                                        • Description of money or articles taken.
such person threatens or uses force with the intent       make any other move which the robber might
to coerce surrender of property or to prevent                                                                           • How the robber carried the loot (bag,
                                                          question, explain why.
                                                                                                                          coat, pocket, etc.)
resistance to such person taking or retaining the       • Carefully observe the physical characteristics of
property.                                                                                                     5. Ask all witnesses to stay until the police arrive.
                                                          the robber
Aggravated Robbery: robbery committed by two or                                                                  This will usually be just a matter of minutes. If
                                                          If more than one robber is involved, study the
more persons.                                                                                                    they cannot remain, get their name, address
                                                          closest one. Don’t try to observe all of them in
Armed robbery: During the course of robbery:                                                                     and telephone number so the police can contact
1. Person is armed with deadly weapon or a                                                                       them later.
                                                        • Note the type of weapon used.
     simulated deadly weapon.                                                                                 6. Protect the scene of the crime. Don’t touch any
                                                          Did the robber use a knife? A gun? A rifle? A          articles or areas that were touched or left by the
2. Person uses or threatens to use a deadly               pistol?
     weapon or dangerous instrument or simulated                                                                 robber. If the robber used a written note
                                                        • How to view the robber.                                demanding money, carefully place the note
     deadly weapon.                                       An armed robber is a bundle of nerves and that
Armed Robbery is a violent crime which takes                                                                     aside or in a plastic sack or paper bag. Be
                                                          is what makes them dangerous. They may be              careful to preserve the area exactly as it was left
place in the presence of the victim. It has become        under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
one of the most rapidly rising crimes of violence.                                                               by the robber to avoid destroying fingerprints or
                                                        • Call the police if possible.                           evidence.
                                                          If you are unable to talk, do not hang up. Police   7. Do not discuss the robbery. Do not
                                                          will be dispatched to your location.                   “compare notes” with others. Immediately after
Police look upon robbery as one of the most
dangerous crimes because of the use of force, the                                                                the incident, write down the pertinent details
                                                        The overriding concern in dealing with                   you observed and heard so they will not be
nervous demeanor of the robber and foolish acts
                                                        robberies is to minimize the possibility of              forgotten.
of heroism by victims that can result in brutal
attacks, serious injuries, and even death.              injury. Cash can be recovered, a life cannot.         8. When the police arrive, utilize the same
                                                                                                                 procedure as noted under false alarms on the
                                                                                                                 next page.

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