From Employee To Being My Own Boss by adxavier


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									I have always wanted to be my own boss. But growing up in Singapore, where
you were brought by your parents and the education system in the country,
finding a stable job is utmost on most university graduates in the past 30 years.

Last year turning 42, I might have gone through my mid-life crisis. After working
for 17 years for big corporations and banks, I have done jet seting to different
countries around the world, stayed in nice 5-star hotels, and completed
“dynamic” deals.

And with my second son on the way last year, it got me thinking whether life is
just working and making money to buy milk powder, diapers and put your
children through primary, secondary school, and university, and the occasional
family overseas trips.

What about able to spend more time with my sons. As most of you might know
by life, if you have children and you are around my age. How many of you
actually regret you didn’t spend more time with your kids while they were
growing up.

In the next few days, let me share with you my experience (10 years in the
making) of planning and moving from a full time job to a full time businessman
cum entrepreneur based on all the various jobs I have done before (and some
ventures with no prior experience in that field).

You will get to read my first hand experience in all my business ventures (the
hiccups and the bumps) and my successes. Hope you enjoy reading my
experience, and that this will get you thinking what you really want to do with
your life.

Remember : Dream a little, but if you really put your mind and take action, your
dream will come through.

Leaving you now with one of my favourite songs

       I HAVE A DREAM – by ABBA

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