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					                      RETIREE BULLETIN
    U.S. Army Garrison, Redstone Arsenal                                                         2006 EDITION

       The Commanding General, Major General James H. Pillsbury, would like to invite military retirees from ALL
branches of military service, and their dependents, to the Bob Jones Auditorium in the Sparkman Complex, Building
5304 on September 9, 2006 from 0700 – 1500 for Retiree Appreciation Day.
       The scheduled keynote speaker this year is COL John W. Radke, USA (Ret), Chief, Army Retirement
Services. He will be speaking on a range of topics important to retired Soldiers and their spouses and family
members. Recent legislative changes will be highlighted; updates on the SBP program will be discussed, as well
as "good news stories" that are often overlooked. Lastly, he will briefly discuss some new programs being
developed at HQDA that will impact our retired population.
       Additionally, the Retiree Council feels that information from the Defense Finance and Accounting Service –
Cleveland Center (DFAS-CL), the state of Redstone Arsenal, and an exciting NEW program “NRG” (“energy”),
would be of interest. CSM John Benedict (RET) from DFAS will be present to answer your questions and concerns
regarding the Survivor Benefit Open-Season and your retired/annuitant pay. Ms. Sheri Burnum from Investors
Resource will compare SBP with insurance and investments. COL John Olshefski, Commander, US Army Garrison
– Redstone Arsenal, will discuss the changes occurring at Redstone over the next few years. Last, but not least,
“NRG” will be presented by staff from Army Fox Health Center and Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR).
Please bring all your questions and concerns for these subject matter experts to address.
       "Retiree Information Booths” will be set up throughout the area with local retiree service organizations and
businesses providing information related to you and your family's well being. There will also be an opportunity for
medical screening (cholesterol, bone density, blood glucose, blood pressure, eye testing etc.) and a myriad of related
services provided by FOX Army Health Center.
        This year the Post Exchange, Commissary, SATO Travel, and MWR will donate numerous exciting items that
will be given away at the conclusion of the RAD. MWR and its corporate sponsors along with the Redstone Arsenal
Commissary and its vendors will once again provide us with a wonderful free breakfast, with service in the Sparkman
Center Cafeteria. Breakfast will be served from 0700 to 0800, a perfect start for you early risers! Two lunch options
are available this year but tickets must be purchased in advance. The lunch menu and a reservation form that must
be mailed in by 1 September are located in the bulletin.
       The Redstone Arsenal Military Personnel Office ID card branch will be issuing ID Cards at the Sparkman
Center Auditorium for your convenience. If you have general questions about ID Cards, please call (256) 842-2416.
The Redstone Arsenal Provost Marshal’s Office will offer vehicle registration (decal) service at the Retiree
Appreciation Day. If you have general questions about vehicle registration, please call (256) 876-5770.
       We feel that you will find this year’s program both informative and enjoyable. Please mark Saturday,
September 9, 2006, on your calendar now to come on out and enjoy Retiree Appreciation Day -- an exciting
experience for all!


Andrew Pike                                Cynthia E. Anderson                       Kirsten Germonprez
Lead, Transition Services Specialist       Retirement Services Officer               Retirement Counselor
                                        September 9, 2006

                                    SEQUENCE OF EVENTS

0700 - 0800      Social and Registration
                 Continental Breakfast provided by Redstone Arsenal Morale, Welfare, and
                 Recreation and the Redstone Arsenal Commissary and its Vendors
0800 - 1500      Retiree Information Exhibits and Services
0800 - 0810      Administrative Announcements – Ms. Cindy Anderson, Retirement Services Officer
0810 - 0825      Opening Ceremonies – Colonel George T. Shepard, USA (RET)
                 National Anthem, MG Grayson Tate, USA (RET)
                 Invocation - Father George Rzasowski
                 Pledge of Allegiance, led by John H. Ebaugh, CPOC, USN (RET) (WW-II)
0825 - 0835      Welcoming Address -
0835 - 0845      Acknowledgments/Introductions - Colonel George T. Shepard,
                 USA (RET) and CSM Ernest W. Weir, USA (RET)
0845 - 0930      COL John Radke, USA RET, Department of the Army, Retirement Services Officer
0930 - 0950      CSM John Benedict (RET), Defense Finance and Accounting Service – Cleveland Center
0950 - 1005      BREAK
1005 - 1025      “SBP - Good Financial Advice?” Ms. Sheri Burnum, Investor's Resource
1025 - 1050      SBP Question and Answer Panel
1050 - 1115      COL Olshefski, USA – State of the Redstone Arsenal
1115 - 1200      Redstone Arsenal Services Panel, CSM Ernest W. Weir, USA (RET)
1200 - 1315      LUNCH (Sparkman Cafeteria, Bldg 5302); time to enjoy lunch and exhibits

1315 - 1345      “NRG” a NEW program sponsored by Fox Health Center and MWR in conjunction
                 with the Retirement Services Office
1345 – 1500      “Give-aways” from MWR, PX, Commissary, SATO etc.

Garden Salad (assorted salad dressings)          or          ¼ lb All Beef Hot Dog on Bun
     Spaghetti with Meat Balls                                     Assorted Chips
         Mixed Vegetables
         Rolls and Butter
     Fruit Cup, Pudding, or Jello
                               Coffee     Tea     Fountain Drink
Due to continuing cuts in funding and predictions of even less funding in the future, the Redstone Arsenal Retirement
Services Office may be forced to move to an all electronic distribution (e-mail) for any future correspondence.

Plan now to receive the 2007 and future bulletins electronically either at your e-mail address or that of a friend/family
member. Here are some convenient options for you to get this information to us:

1. E-mail your electronic address to any of our staff:

2. OR send your e-mail address in with your lunch reservation and survey.

3. OR provide your e-mail address at the 2006 RAD. We will have a form available for your
convenience at several locations.

4. OR send a note with your e-mail address to:
       Commander, U.S. Army Garrison
       ATTN: IMSE-RED-HRM (Andy Pike)
       Bldg 3494 Roadrunner Road
       Redstone Arsenal AL 35898

             We will only use this information to send you the Retiree Bulletin and on occasion,
                       to send you urgent or very important information for retirees.

                      ANY OTHER ORGANIZATIONS!!!!
                           TO GAIN ACCESS TO REDSTONE ARSENAL:

                      If your vehicle is not currently registered with DoD, make sure you bring photo
                      identification (i.e. driver’s license) for everyone in the vehicle, vehicle registration, and
                      proof of vehicle insurance. One person in the vehicle must have a military ID card.

                          You must enter Redstone Arsenal through GATE 9 (Rideout Road)
                                 unless you have a current DoD decal on your car!
The Sparkman Complex is located at the corner of Martin and Patton Roads. The RAD will be held in the
Bob Jones Auditorium at the Sparkman Complex. Parking will be on the south side of the complex by the
auditorium only. Golf carts will be available to assist visitors from the parking lot to the auditorium.

This is a special bulletin published by the Retirement Services Office, Adjutant General's Office, United States Army
Garrison, Redstone Arsenal, AL to communicate with retired military personnel and their family members who reside
in the Redstone Arsenal area. It is intended to provide information of value and interest to you. The Retirement
Services Officer is here to assist you with problems pertaining to retired pay, Department of Veterans Affairs matters,
and Survivor's Assistance. We solicit recommendations or comments to provide better service to you.
                                     RETIREMENT SERVICES OFFICE
TELEPHONE:          256-876-2022   DSN: 746-2022
RETIREMENT COUNSELOR: Ms. Kirsten Germonprez
TELEPHONE:         256-842-2418 DSN: 788-2418
OFFICE HOURS: 0800 - 1600, Monday - Friday (except holidays)
FAX: 256-842-7374  DSN: 788-7374
MAILING ADDRESS:                 Commander
                                 U.S. Army Garrison - Redstone
                                 ATTN: IMSE-RED-HRM (Retirement Services)
                                 Redstone Arsenal, AL 35898-5193
LOCATION: Building 3493, on the corner of Hercules & Roadrunner Roads

                 The Redstone Arsenal Retirement Services Office has a website with links to extensive information vital to
                 retirees and their families. Visit the Redstone Arsenal website at;
                 point to “Veterans” at the top of the Redstone homepage, then from the drop down menu click on “Retiree
Information.” We also have an off-site website . The websites contains Retiree Appreciation
Day information, the current Retiree Bulletin, the Redstone Arsenal Retiree Advisory Council meeting dates and minutes,
frequently asked questions, and links to other sites. There is also a bulletin board to post questions you may have concerning
your retirement, benefits, etc. Council members monitor and post answers.

The following is a message from one of our Redstone Arsenal Retiree Advisory Council members:
Fellow Retirees:

I would like to take this time to encourage you to GET INVOLVED. We have at our hands a multitude of organizations to
become involved with. Most of these organizations suffer from a lack of participation from its members. As a member of the
leadership of one of these organizations, it is hard to function as a representative of the membership, if the members do not
take part in the meetings and decisions made at those meetings. We realize that health issues and personal schedules can
interfere at times. If this is the case then you need to help the leadership by letting them know about your concerns. They
cannot help if they don’t know. Membership has its responsibilities as well as the leadership.

Through the help of veteran's organizations we can amass numbers of voters that can band together and let Congress know
that we do pay attention. We do have an opinion and we can control the vote. Too many of us have the idea that no matter
what we do nothing will change. This applies locally as well as nationally. We are in need of members on the Retiree council
here at Redstone. These members need to take part in the meetings and the activities through which we can help make
Redstone Arsenal and the services more reactive to the needs of both retirees as well as TODAYS GREAT GENERATION
(active members of our Armed Services). We constantly complain about losing our benefits and privileges. If we don’t stand
together and be recognized we are not losing them, we are giving them away. We need to be involved members of these
organizations to keep earning our benefits, also improving those same benefits. We owe this to ourselves and our young
people who are answering the call today.                                                          ADC Jim Sutton, USN, RET

The Redstone Arsenal Retiree Advisory Council is open to retired members from all branches of service. The
goal of the Council is to address issues and concerns affecting retiree benefits and privileges. The co-chairmen
of the Council are COL George T. Shepard (RET) and CSM Ernest W. Weir (RET). Meetings are scheduled
every other month; call a member for the date and time of our next meeting.

George T. Shepard, COL, USA (Ret)                                    (256) 837-5401            Co-Chairman
Ernest W. Weir, CSM, USA (Ret)                                       (256) 539-0868            Co-Chairman

Robert J. Devlin, COL, USA (Ret)                                     (256) 716-0107
Michael D. Gray, COL, USAR (Ret)                                     (256) 883-0977
Henry N. Oldham, COL, USA (Ret)                                      (256) 883-8373
Vic Burlingame, LTC, USMC (Ret)                                      (256) 539-6961
Clair L. Goodridge, LTC, USA (Ret)                                   (256) 882-2591
Robert F. Sullivan, LTC, USA (Ret)                                   (256) 883-8804
Nelson L. Miller, MAJ, USA (Ret)                                     (256) 922-9277
Rex R. Mills, MAJ, USA (Ret)                                         (256) 498-3207
David P. Gruber, LT, USN (Ret)                                       (256) 757-5748
Charles R. Coats, 1LT, USA (Ret)                                     (256) 882-9256
John D. Bates, CWO, USA (Ret)                                        (256) 883-1371
Scott B. Huther, CWO, USA (Ret)                                      (256) 876-3295
Robert L. McCall, CWO, USA (Ret)                                     (256) 881-6325
Jean A. Mulcahy, CWO, USA (Ret)                                      (256) 468-2796
Ervin D. Moore, SR., MMCM, USN (Ret)                                 (256) 539-5355
Ann Moore, Military Retiree Dependent                                (256)539-5355
David V.W. Bussell, CSM, USA (Ret)                                   (256) 751-3424
Robert S. Payne, CSM, USA (Ret)                                      (256) 837-2937
Gregory A. Jackson, SGM (Ret)                                        (256) 288-0069
David L. Stewart, CSM, USA (Ret)                                     (256) 859-7329
Gary Suckow, SGM, USA (Ret)                                          (256) 232-9470
Larry Leggett. 1SG, USA (Ret)                                        (256) 489-7501
Barbara E. Moudy, MSG, USAF (Ret)                                    (931) 424-6966
Robert Sawada, MSG, USA (Ret)                                        (256) 876-1131
John H. Ebaugh, ATC, USN (Ret)                                       (256) 881-1619
Charles F. Higgins, SFC, USA (Ret)                                   (256) 881-6163
Russell G. Kimball, SFC, USA (Ret)                                   (256) 829-0267
Raymond E. Rowland, SFC, USA (Ret)                                   (256) 859-1095
James E. Sutton, ADC, USN (Ret)                                      (256) 650-5748

                                         For several years, myPay has provided retired military with a secure method to view, print,
                                              and save their Retiree Account Statements and 1099s electronically. MyPay is an
                                              innovative, automated system that puts you in control of processing certain
discretionary pay items without paper forms. MyPay saves time; it is both convenient and reliable. MyPay eliminates the need to
write letters or fill out forms, letting you make your own changes immediately with user-friendly technology. In order to use
myPay, you need your Social Security Number (SSN) and a myPay Personal Identification Number (PIN). To access myPay go
to, follow the screen instructions to establish a customized PIN. You may also customize
your PIN following the same procedures using the myPay IVR (phone) toll-free 1-877-363-3677 or 1-478-757-3119.

                         Guest Housing is available for your enjoyment while visiting the
                         Huntsville/Redstone Arsenal area. For reservations and
                         information please contact the billeting office at (256) 876-5713

                  Also available for your stay are full RV Hook-ups on the
Redstone shore of the scenic Tennessee River. Contact Outdoor Recreation for
additional information, (256) 842-2188.

                                               HOTEL DISCOUNTS
You asked for it and we listened. Listed below are local Huntsville hotels/motels that have agreed to offer discounts for
retirees attending our annual Retiree Appreciation Day (RAD). When you call to make a reservation, please specify for
“Retiree Appreciation Day”. We hope that you will attend and enjoy your visit with us.

Motels convenient to Gate 1
Hampton Inn                501 Blvd South                         256-882-2223                              $71.00
Radisson Hotel             6000 S Memorial Pkwy                   256-882-9400                              $76.00
Motels convenient go Gate 9
Holiday Inn                9035 Madison Blvd., Madison, AL        256-772-7170                            $77.80
Fairfield Inn Marriott     1385 Enterprise Way                    256-895-0444                     Double $79.00
                                                                                                   King $82.00
Holiday Inn                5903 University Dr.                    256-830-0600                            $76.00
Country Inn & Suites       4880 University Dr.   .                256-430-1778                  any room $66.00
Garden Inn Hilton          4801 Governors House Dr.               256-430-1778                            $79.00
Radisson Hotel             At the Airport, ask for Maria McNeese 256-772-8855                               $66.00

                              8-10 SEPTEMBER IN CONJUNCTION WITH RETIREE
                                           APPRECIATION DAY!!
                    Check out some excellent food and recreational activities while you are here for the RAD!
                    Simply show your official "retired military" ID card (spouses too) at the following locations
                    Friday Sept. 8th through Sunday Sept. 10th and receive the following discounts:

             "The Links @ Redstone" has recently remodeled and now has a beautiful new restaurant, the "Weeden
             Mountain Grille", which will offer 10% off any food items. For golfers, a special deal on carts is available:
              play 18 holes of golf and only pay $7 for your cart rental. Located on Goss Road by Gate 9; call (256) 883-
              7977 to reserve a tee time.

"The Officers’ & Civilians Club" will also offer 10% of any lunch or dinner in the Monte Sano Dining Room &
Soldatenstube German Restaurant. Both feature full dining menus on Friday and Saturday evenings. Located in Building
130, Golf Course Rd (off Goss Rd). Call (256) 830-2582 to reserve a seat for dinner.

"Redstone Lanes" will offer a 10% discount on food items and one free game of bowling. Redstone Lanes
features 32 bowling lanes with AMF automatic scorers and pinsetters, bumper bowling for the kids, and
“X-treme bowling” the third Saturday of each month. The bowling center also encompasses a Strike Zone
Restaurant, Brooklyn's Sports Bar, and a state of the art arcade room with the most modern amusement
machines. Located on the corner of Patton and Hercules Roads, just inside Gate 10. Call (256) 842-BOWL
                                 MILITARY ID CARD FACILITIES
MISSION: The Redstone Arsenal Military ID Card section is responsible for the processing of identification
cards for all soldiers, family members, retirees and applicable Civilian Personnel at Redstone and surrounding

Redstone Arsenal                     Hours: M-F 0730-1600 (Retired Military, Family Members)
3494 Roadrunner Rd                   M-F 0700-1430 (Active Duty, Guard, Reserve)
Huntsville, Al 35898                 (256) 842-2413

117th MSS                            Hours: T-F 0730-1630
5401 East Lake Blvd                  (205) 714-2315
Birmingham, AL 35217

81st MAC                             Hours: M-F 0700-1600
255 W Oxmoor Rd                      (205) 987-3998
Birmingham, AL 35244

AG HQ Birmingham                     Hours: M-F 0700-1630
285 W Oxmoor Rd                      (205) 769-2024
Birmingham, AL 35209

AG HQ State                          Hours: M-F 0800-1600
1720 William Dickenson Dr            ID cards done by 81st MAC
Montgomery, AL 36109                 (334) 274-4316

ARNG CENTER FT McClellan             Hours: M-F 0830-1130, 1300-1500
541 Galloway Rd                      (256) 847-4159
Anniston, AL 36205

NMCRC Bessemer                       Hours: T-W 0730-1530                           Military Dependents:
1001 4th Ave SW                      (205) 497-2605
Birmingham, AL 35203                                                                     Please bring
                                                                                       marriage license,
NRC Tuscaloosa                       Hours: T-W 0730-1600
2627 10th Ave                        (205) 345-6910 ext 14
                                                                                     social security card,
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401                                                                driver’s license, birth
                                                                                    certificate, and proof
NMCRC Chattanooga                    Hours: M-F 0730-1600
4051 Amnicola Highway                (423) 698-8955 ext 113/112                     of college attendance
Chattanooga, TN 37405                                                               if child aged 21 – 23.
NRC Nashville                        Hours: T,Th 0900-100, 1300-1530
1515 Davidson St
Nashville, TN 37206

188 MSS                              Hours: T, Th 0730-1030, 1230-1500
240 Knapp Blvd                       (615) 399-5516

Arnold AFB                           Hours: M -Fri 0800-1530
Tullahoma, TN                        (931) 454-4931 DSN: 340-3544/3265

164th AW Tennessee ANG               Hours TWT 0730-1015*1300-1430
2815 Democrat RD                     (901) 291-7220
Memphis, TN 38118

All family members over the age of 75 are now authorized a permanent ID Card. You must be within 90
days of expiration of your card for us to reissue and you must have already had your 75th birthday in order
to get the permanent card. With the enactment of TRICARE for Life it is very important that eligible family
members ensure that their ID card remain current.
                                                       LEGAL ASSISTANCE
                      The Redstone Arsenal Office of the Staff Judge Advocate is pleased to support Retiree Appreciation Day.
                      Attorneys will be available to provide notary services, prepare simple wills, and draft powers-of-attorney.
                      All legal services will be available free-of-charge to military retirees and their dependents on a first-
                      come, first-served basis. Persons who wish to meet with an attorney are requested to bring with them
                      copies of all documents relevant to their case. For retirees needing a will, we ask that they phone
                      (256) 876-9005 to be included on a sign-up list, and that they download and complete a will
worksheet prior to their appointment. Priority for will services will be given to persons attending from outside the local
community. The will worksheet is available online at along with publications and
resources covering a broad range of legal topics. Persons needing special powers-of-attorney to sell land, homes or automobiles
should bring copies of property deeds and/or VIN numbers with them. The Redstone Arsenal Legal Assistance Office provides
free legal assistance to Active Duty and retired personnel and their families Monday through Friday from 0900 to 1200, and
from 1300 to 1630 in Building 111 on Goss Road. Powers-of-attorney and notary services are provided on a walk-in basis.
Appointments are scheduled a week in advance and may be arranged by calling (256) 876-9005.

Redstone Arsenal’s FOX Army Health Center will be available to offer basic testing
for Bone Density, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, and Cholesterol Screening. Classes will be conducted @ the RAD in hour
increments from 0730 to 1330 hours in the following areas: Diabetes, Osteoporosis, High Blood Pressure, Depression,
Osteoarthritis, Ischemic Heart Disease, and Dementia Behavioral Medicine/ASAP. Optometry will offer vision screenings,
glasses orders (for those who have current glasses prescription), and glasses cleaning. Representatives will be available
from the FOX Pharmacy, TRICARE, Managed Care Division/Health Benefits, and Veterinary Services to answer any of
your questions. Website for TRICARE is:

                            REDSTONE ARSENAL COMMISSARY NEWS:

                            The Redstone Arsenal Commissary will be offering numerous specials to celebrate
                            Retiree Appreciation Day, 9 September 2006.

                            Stop by and check out the Indoor specials and Demos from vendors after you leave the

                            September 29, 30 and October 1 the commissary will be holding our famous fall case
                            lot sale – come by for some GREAT bargains!


CUT RATES OFFERED AT                                                  RESORTS. Retirees are eligible to rent
condominiums in certain resorts worldwide. Army Morale, Welfare and Recreation arranged with Cendant Corp.
and a subsidiary, Resort Condominiums International, to offer the condos at reduced rated to active and reserve
members, military retirees, DoD civilians, and any other persons eligible for MWR services. The deal offers
condominium unit rentals for $299 per week at selected resorts. The normal rates are between $600 and $1500 per
week in season. Information is available at MWR Information, Tickets and Reservations offices, Tickets and Tours
offices, or by visiting the Army Web Site and clicking on the Armed Forced Vacation
Club logo. MWR receives $22 for every reservation booked.
Spouses or other survivors should report the retiree's or spouse's death promptly to enable officials to notify the
proper agencies for military honors, settlement of survivor benefits and claims, and adjustments to retired pay.
                Navy 904-542-4008/1536
                Air Force 931-454-4574, non-duty hours 931-7752
                Marines 866-826-3628
                Coast Guard 504-942-4059
                Army - Ft Rucker's area 800-661-1407 or 334-255-9081
                Army - Ft. Campbell's area 270-798-4727; after hours 270-798-9793
                Army - Redstone Arsenal's area 256-876-3148; after hours 256-313-2066/2067
The Casualty Office in conjunction with the Retirement Service Office assists retirees' widows and survivors. When
we ask for documents that are normally needed to request benefits, sometimes the response is “I don’t know where
my spouse kept those papers.” This could affect VA and Social Security benefits, and retired pay or annuity. Some
papers are important and hard to replace, yet not used often. These should be kept in a safe deposit box at a bank or
in a fireproof safe at home.
Records to keep forever are: birth certificates, citizenship papers, marriage certificates, prenuptial and postnuptial
agreements, divorce decrees, adoption papers, death certificates, real estate deeds, patents and copyrights, copies of
diplomas and school transcripts, military records (DD Form 214s), bonds and stock certificates, important contracts.
Records to keep current are: titles to vehicles, household inventory listing your possessions and their value,
passports. There are additional important papers to which you need easy access. These should be kept in a place
where you can find them quickly. These include tax returns and all tax related papers, bills to pay/receipts for bills
paid, current canceled checks, employment records, information on your health plan, lists of current credit cards,
record of your passwords, insurance policies and information on beneficiaries, lists of checking and savings accounts
and locations, safe deposit box. When you die, your safe deposit box will be sealed. So you should also keep one
copy of your will at home and another with your lawyer. Also, tell someone you trust where to find these vital

                 In recent years a number of changes have occurred in veterans benefits as a result of legislation or other
                 requirements. A quick source for current federal benefits available to veterans and their dependents can be
found in the Federal Benefits for Veterans and Dependents VA Pamphlet 80-05-01, P94663. If changes occur after the latest
edition’s publication the VA updates their site to reflect them. It contains links to sections on compensation and
pension benefits, health care benefits, burial and memorial benefits, home loan guarantees and other information, which is
included in the annual pamphlet update. A hard copy, at no charge, can be obtained at your local VA office or the latest edition
(2006) of this booklet can be viewed or downloaded as a PDF file from
The National Personnel Records Center (NARC) provides copies of documents from military personnel records to authorized
requesters. A new web-based application will provide better service for these requests by eliminating the processing time in the
mailroom. Website is

                                 IS YOUR DEERS RECORD CURRENT??
Are you aware that you or a family member could lose medical benefits if you don't update your information on the Defense
Eligibility and Enrollment Registration System (DEERS)? DEERS stores medical benefit data for military personnel, retirees,
and eligible family members. Retirees are the sponsors for their family members' medical benefits and are responsible for
updating DEERS information. Correct, up-to-date information is vital since DEERS data defines your medical benefits. If you
marry or re-marry, divorce, are widowed, move, have a new child, or a child who becomes an adult, you must make sure
DEERS data reflects those or any other changes. You can update DEERS through your military support office, the same office
that assists you with your ID Card. If you are making changes, take documentation with you, such as marriage, birth, or
adoption certificates, or divorce decrees. You can change your address at the nearest military support office; call ahead for
hours and instructions. You can also call the Defense Data Support Office telephone center at 800-538-9552.
                        RESERVE GRAY AREA RETIREES
Reserve Gray Area Retirees are retirees who have completed 20 qualifying years and will be eligible to
receive retired pay at age 60. Gray Area Retirees should receive a retirement application packet from the
Human Resources Command – St. Louis sometime around their 58th birthday. If you have not received
this packet you may request one by calling Mr. Nick Ryan or Mr. Mike Giebe at 1-314-592-0553, or 1-800-318-5298 or writing
them at Human Resources Command – St. Louis, #1 Reserve Way, ATTN: AHRC-PSP-T, St. Louis, MO 63132-5200. You
may       also     visit     the    HRC-STL         website     for      information       on      benefits and   services . You may contact your Retirement Services Officer for
assistance in completing this packet and for information on your age 60 retirement benefits. For information on TRICARE
Health Care, you may contact Humana Military Healthcare Services, Inc. at 1-800-444-5445 or TRICARE Information Service
at 1-888-363-2273. The TRICARE office at FOX Army Health Center, Redstone Arsenal offers classes explaining the different
TRICARE programs. The classes are offered Mondays at 1300 hours and Wednesdays at 1000 hours.

                                    ARMED FORCES RETIREMENT HOMES (AFRH)
                        The mission of the AFRH at Gulfport, Mississippi and Washington, D.C. is to fulfill our
                        Nation’s commitment to provide care through a comprehensive range of services for
                        America’s Armed Forces Veterans. We support our residents’ independence, dignity,
distinction, heritage, and future of continued life-enriching experiences. Together, the AFRH family of residents
and staff create a place of caring and continual learning. We are committed to providing the best housing and
support services possible and creating a true community of accomplished, independent residents, who are free to
explore their talents, pursue their interests, and follow their dreams. Residency at the AFRH is open to veterans
from the armed services whose active-duty service was at least 50 percent enlisted warrant officer or limited-duty
officer and who meet at least one of the following criteria:
     Retirees with 20 or more years of active-duty service who are at least 60 years old
     Veterans who are unable to earn a livelihood due to a injury, disease or illness and who served in a war
        theater or received hostile fire pay
     Women who served prior to 1948 in certain components that supported the military services

AFRH contact information: (800) 422-9988. Or visit their website for further info @ .

Your online source of information on military retirement benefits.                 The Army G-1s website is The site is full of information for soldiers and families – both those preparing
to retire and those who have already retired – it's packaged with compact pull-down menus, making it easy to scan to
the section you want such as pre-retirement Information, CSB/REDUX/DIEMS, and retiree information (including
Combat-Related Special Compensation).

               The folks from DFAS will be here with their computers to assist you with any changes you would like to
               make to your Retirement or Annuitant Account. They will have the needed forms, so all you will need
               to bring is your supporting documentation, i.e. marriage certificates, divorce decrees, birth certificates,
      Now is the time to have the changes made that you have been
               putting off!!
                        ENDS 30 SEPTEMBER 2006
Because we are all living longer, the possibility of running out of money becomes greater. This makes the value of your retired
pay a greater benefit, especially to those who have longevity in the family. But certain elections must be made at retirement or
during a Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) Open Season, to ensure that there is income for a lifetime in the event the military
participant dies before their spouse. So what is the wise thing to do?
There are no blanket answers. But, because there is so much power in what can be left behind in SBP, the entire retirement
should be a part of any retirement plan analysis. Even though elections aren’t made until retirement or during an open season,
it’s wise to choose your course of action now and implement any other financial strategies that support that decision. At
retirement age, if you elected to receive 100% of your retired pay, you leave NO income to your spouse in the event of your
death. If you have sufficient assets to produce a lifetime income to your spouse, then this is really no issue. Getting to that point
means you either saved more, purchased more life insurance, or both. And, of course, the earlier one looks at the options, the
Here’s the strategy with insurance: Buying the right amount and kind is the tricky part. The ideal amount of life insurance as an
SBP supplement is based on the retirement amounts and length paid to the survivor. One thing that an eager insurance agent
may neglect is that retired pay and survivor's annuity increases due to annual Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) over time, so
any calculations as to how much insurance should be purchased should take into account an increasing payment to the spouse.
Often this doesn’t happen and the insurance rates look much cheaper compared to the retired pay reduction because not enough
insurance is being proposed.
Another complicating factor is buying the right kind of insurance. Surely there are cases where an inexpensive 20 year term life
insurance policy was bought instead of SBP, and the retiree dies in year 21. The spouse is left with no income = “Bad
Planning”! The easy way to solve this is to buy permanent insurance (whole or universal cash value plans) or even a 30 year
term policy. These are much more appropriate comparisons. After all, the retired pay lasts a lifetime and lifetimes are getting
longer. If you live long enough, even a 30 year insurance plan wouldn’t last long enough and potentially leave the survivor in a
pinch. If the couple has accumulated some income generating assets, perhaps those assets can fill in the void, or perhaps not.
The military SBP is the most competitive in the industry. The amount deducted from a retiree’s check so that their spouse can
have some continued benefit upon death is really quite low and is in pre-taxed dollars. SBP also has paid-up provision of
paying for 30 years and reaching age 70 (effective 2008). This does not totally absolve the need for insurance. The SBP to the
surviving spouse is up to 55% of the retired pay. If there are not enough assets to produce that shortfall, insurance is still a
solution. The strong suggestion is to look at your retirement options early and decide based on your ability to save, invest, and
qualify for insurance, etc. whether it’s best to take SBP or try and do something on your own. And, if you choose an alternate
strategy, know the pitfalls so that planning doesn’t flop! NO insurance plan can replace SBP!
If you would like to see further information on the SBP Open Season or be able to calculate estimated costs to enroll, please go
to one of the following websites:                                  OR
                             Contact your Retirement Services Officer for additional information!!
This article has been revised and reprinted from The Huntsville Times with permission. Authored by Shari Burnum, CFP, president of Investor's Resource and branch manager
of Reymond James Financial Services, Inc.
The information contained in this report does not purport to be a complete description of the securities, markets, or developments referred to in this material. The information
has been obtained from sources considered to be reliable, but we do not guarantee that the foregoing material is accurate or complete. Any information is not a complete
summary or statement of all available data necessary for making an investment decision and does not constitute a recommendation. Any opinions are those of Shari Burnum
and not necessarily those of RJFS or Raymond James.

                                                                        REDSTONE LEISURE TRAVEL OFFICE
                               The Redstone Leisure Travel Office exists to serve the Redstone Arsenal Community in the
planning and booking of a long anticipated and well deserved vacation. Our office works directly with all major cruise lines, we
offer land based vacation destinations in Hawaii, the Caribbean, Mexico and the Bahamas as well as many lodging and
attraction options in the Orlando/Kissimmee area. Our office also provides services closer to home, with cabin and chalet
rentals in Gatlinburg, as well as discounted local hotel rates. Conveniently located just across the hall from your Leisure Travel
Office is the Information, Tours and Registration (ITR) office that carries hundreds of discounted tickets to attractions and
activities. The Redstone Arsenal ITR office can be contacted at 1-256-876-4531.
                          LUNCH RESERVATION FORM
                                RETIREE APPRECIATION DAY
                                   September 9, 2006

There will be a superb meal provided by the great folks in the Sparkman Complex
Cafeteria. This year we’ve given you a choice of menus:

First choice is Spaghetti with Meat Balls, Garden Salad (assorted salad dressings), Mixed
Vegetables, Rolls and Butter, Dessert, and beverage for only $8.25.

Second choice is a ¼ lb All Beef Hot Dog on Bun, Assorted Chips and beverage for only
Please complete form below & return. You will pick up your lunch ticket at the door.


Return with check or money order payable to:                   MILITARY RETIREE FUND
                                                               30290 Harvest Road
                                                               Toney, AL 35773

Yes, I will attend the luncheon at the Sparkman Center Cafeteria on 9 September 2006.

How many?     _______ $8.25 for “Full Spaghetti Lunch Plate”

How many? _______ $3.85 for “Hot Dog Plate”

NAME: ________________________________________ PHONE #: ________________________

NAME: ________________________________________ PHONE #: ________________________

   Please make sure to mail in your reservation forms so they reach us by 5 September.
     Cancellation requests must be made by 6 September in order to obtain a refund.

   Please complete the short survey on the back of this form and
   mail back this page even if you are NOT purchasing a lunch
 ticket!! We value your opinion and are continuously striving to
          improve services that we provide to our retirees.
                                        THANK YOU!!
To better serve the retired community, we would like your opinion on the services provided by the Redstone Arsenal Retirement
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For each of the following items please rate using the scale below.

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1. How would you rate this edition of the “Retiree Bulletin”?

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3. How often do you use services on Redstone Arsenal (by phone, email, or in person)? i.e., commissary, PX,
   MWR, Retirement Services Office, Fox Health Center, etc.

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4. What services do you use most frequently on Redstone Arsenal? (list as many as possible, please)

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Please provide us with your email address: ____________________________________________________ ________

It is very important that you that you return this survey either in person at the RAD or via regular mail!! Thank
you very much for your time and assistance. You can mail this survey along with your reservations for lunch or
mail directly to:       Commander, US Army Garrison – Redstone
                        ATTN: IMSE-RED-HRM (Retirement Services)
                        Redstone Arsenal, AL 35898