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									IHRSA’s Guide to
Personal Training
 How to Generate Profits and
Improve Member Satisfaction

                                                                       Sponsored by

              International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association
    A Welcome Note from IHRSA and ACE
      Welcome to IHRSA’s Guide to Personal Training,                   The American Council on Exercise (ACE) is pleased
      which has been generously sponsored by the Ameri-                to present IHRSA’s Guide to Personal Training. As the
      can Council on Exercise (ACE).                                   country’s leading authority on fitness, we believe in
                                                                       helping people achieve their wellness goals through
      As you will read on the pages to follow, more than               safe and effective exercise and physical
      90% of IHRSA member health clubs offer personal                  activity — a mission shared by IHRSA, and captured
                                                                       by this reference guide.
      training. Most, however, have sold only about 9% of
      their members on their personal training programs.
                                                                       Personal training is one of the fastest growing
      The goal of this guide is to help you capitalize on
                                                                       professions in the health and fitness industry. In fact,
      this tremendous opportunity and take your club’s                 the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that
      personal training program to a whole new level!                  the number of employment opportunities for fitness
                                                                       and nutrition professionals will increase by 27%
      By removing the various barriers (time, cost, anxiety,           between 2006 and 2016. The primary reason behind
      etc.) that are preventing most of your members from              this significant growth is the fact that more people
      working out with personal trainers - and following               are taking their health seriously today — no matter
      more of the tips found in this publication - you can             the cost. These days, consumers cannot afford to be
      greatly increase your club’s non-dues revenue                    sick. Since regular exercise has been proven to
      stream, just as the businesses profiled in the case              lower health care costs, it is easy to understand why
      studies section have done.                                       so many are making exercise a preventative health
      Not surprisingly, health club members who work out
                                                                       There is no denying that the United States is battling
      with personal trainers get better results in a shorter
                                                                       a serious health care crisis. According to the Centers
      period of time and have stronger connections with                for Disease Control and Prevention, 34% of U.S.
      the clubs to which they belong. All of this con-                 adults age 20 and over are considered obese, and
      tributes to higher member retention and increased                therefore more prone to heart disease, diabetes and
      referrals. Talk about a win-win-win for members,                 many other serious health conditions. Personal
      personal trainers and club operators!                            trainers are essential in this war as they can provide
                                                                       fitness results in a safe and efficient manner and
      Regards,                                                         effectively guide people towards optimal health.

                                                                       As one of the largest organizations dedicated to
                                                                       fitness certification, education and training, ACE
                                                                       understands the value of skilled fitness professionals
                                                                       and how they can elevate your business. We hope
                                                                       that this guide is the first step towards your
      Joe Moore
                                                                       increased success.
      President & CEO, IHRSA
                                                                       Best regards,

                                                                       Scott Goudeseune
                                                                       President/CEO, American Council on Exercise (ACE)

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             PERSONAL TRAINING improves the health of both clients and clubs. For clients, it
means training and exercise programs customized to their needs and abilities. For clubs, it means greater
customer loyalty and increased profits.

Personal training creates a deeper connection between a client and a facility. Because clients are getting
personalized service, the idea of “going to the gym” gets replaced w
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