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septemBer 2006

           Leadership Birmingham Members Association
                                                                                 IN MEMORIUM
                                                                      We mourn the loss of Leadership Birmingham
                                                                       member Laquita Bell (’91). Laquita served
                   Members Council 2006-2007                          our community as an educator and in various
                                                                       positions in the non-profit sector. Laquita
Officers                                                                will be missed by all who knew her and by
     President                       Cathy Friedman 1995              this community. Our sympathy and support is
                                                                                  extended to her family.
     Vice President                  Dennis Leonard 2003
     Program Chairperson             Brian Giattina 2005
     Program Co-Chairperson          Eddie Lard 2002                         UPCOMING EVENTS
     Secretary-Treasurer             Carl Crosby 1997                       Members Council Meeting
Ex Officio                                                                        Thursday, October 5
     Past Chair                      Bob Corley 1986                                 7:45 – Coffee
                                                                                      8:00 meeting
      Members Association Director   Gale Roth 2002                                 McWane Center
      Executive Director             Ann Florie 1997                  Enter parking deck from 2nd Ave. Park on C level
                                                                           and enter through Special Events door.

Council Members
                                                                                  Program Days
    Suzanne Bearman 1990                                                             September 14
                                        John Northrop 1999                               Education
    Geraldine Bell 1988                 T. Peyton Norville III 1989                         Co-chairs:
    Renee Blalock 2000                  Joan P. Perry 2001              Elaine Hill, Ph.D – Exec. Dir. For Professional
    Joe Bluestein 2006                  Lynn Raviv 1994
                                                                            Development, Birmingham City Schools
                                                                       April Williams – Mgr. Diversity Development, U.S.
    Joe Boohaker 2004                   Tim Ritchie 1997                                 Postal Service
    Harry Brown 1988                     Webb Robertson 2006
    James Camel 2004                                                                   October 12
                                        Guin Robinson 2005                           Human Services
    Kate Cotton 2002                    Bunny Rotenstreich 1986                            Co-chairs:
    Russell Cunningham 1993             Isabel Rubio 2005             Paulette Van Matre – Exec. Dir., Magic City Harvest
    April Deal 2004                     Donna Sanborn 1996            Michele Jenkins-Utomi – CEO – Housing Enterprise
    David Donaldson 2006                Lester Seigel 1997
                                                                                     of Central Alabama
    Bryson G. Edmonds 1995              David R. Sher 1992
                                                                       Kim Moore – Senior Vice-Pres., Alabama National
    Charlie Faulkner 2006                Andra Sparks 1986
    Rev. Dr. Rodney Franklin 1998       Peggy F. Sparks 1986          FROM THE OFFICE
    Sandee Goddard 2003                                               Please remember that if you make a
                                        Sergio Stagno 1993            reservation for a members program
    Hon. Debra H. Goldstein 1998        Sandra Storm 1985             or event and do not attend you will be
    Majella Hamilton 1996                                             invoiced. You may cancel a reserva-
                                        Larry Thornton 1990           tion by the cancellation date on your
    Robert Holmes 1994                  Glennon Threatt 2006          invitation (usually two days before the
    Elaine Jackson 2000                                               event)
                                        Jim Tolbert 2003
    George Jenkins 1985                 Gregory T. Townsend 2001
    Clyde E. Jones 1989                 Gail Trechsel 1984
    Robert Kelly 2005                   Bill Voigt 1987                     offiCe ContaCts
    Bobbie Knight 2006                                                Ann Florie, Executive Director, 252-4496,
                                        Mark White 2005
    Helen Shores Lee 1984                                   
                                        Gary Youngblood 1987          Janet Gaddis, LB Administrative Assistant,
    Ann McMillan 1991
    Ed Meyerson 1991                    Ben Zarzaur 2004              252-4496,
    Rabbi Jonathan A. Miller 1992                                     Gale Roth, Members Council Director,
                                                                      969-5737 (or leave a message at LB office)
CongratuLations to                                                        memBer updates
Neal Berte (’84), Eli Capilouto (’94), Lemarse Washington (’94)           Gary Fenton (’02) - has authored a new book, Good for Goodness’
– named “Men of Substance and Style” by Saks Fifth Avenue for their       Sake, 7 Values for Cultivating Authentic Character in Midlife. Those
commitment to the community. They will be honored on September            values include Community, Relationships, Discipline, Solitude, Grat-
28 at a reception hosted by Saks. Proceeds will benefit prostate cancer   itude, Forgiveness and Humility. You’ll enjoy Gary’s new book espe-
research at the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center.                          cially if you are approaching midlife or already there!
Fran Godchaux (’03), Kay Kornmeier (’98), Helen Shores Lee (’84),         Nichelle Gainey (’04) – appointed as delegate of 2010 FIFA
Andrea McCaskey (’95) and Annetta Nunn (’01) – Birmingham                 World Cup South Africa. Nichelle attended the 2006 World Cup
Business Journal’s Class of 2006 Top Birmingham Women. A luncheon         closing ceremony in Germany this June.
at the Winfrey Hotel will honor these women on Oct. 10 and they are       Sandral Hullett (’06) – Chairwoman of the National Assoc. of
featured in the Sept. 15 issue of the Birmingham Business Journal.        Public Hospitals and health Systems.
Suzanne Durham (’87) – elected Chairman of YWCA of USA                    Andrea McCaskey (’95) – elected President of the Junior League of
                                                                          Birmingham 2007, the fourth largest Junior League in the nation.
Linda Lucas (’03) – elected President – elect of the American In-
stitute for Medical and Biological Engineering. Linda is the first        Ray Minor (’96) – named Associate in Residence 2006-07 of the
woman elected to that position.                                           Kettering Foundation. Ray is President of Alabama Center for
                                                                          Civic Life (ACCL).
Lawrence Pijeaux, Jr. (’97) – Named 2006 Alabama Tourism Executive
                                                                          Peggie Myles (’01), Joan Perry (’01), Donna Smith (’02) – new-
of the Year in recognition of his contributions to the Travel Industry.
                                                                          ly elected officers of the Girl Scouts of Cahaba Council. Donna
Odessa Woolfolk (’84) – awarded the honorary degree, Doctor of            Smith – President, Peggie Myles – asst. Secretary, Joan Perry
Laws by Birmingham- Southern College.                                     – Treasurer.
                                                                          Debra T. Nelson (’91) – named one of the founding board mem-
direCtory updates                                                         bers of the Chief Diversity Officers Roundtable at Cornell Uni-
                                                                          versity. The CDO Roundtable is comprised of senior diversity
Beverly Baker (’87) – Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart,           officers at America’s Fortune 500 Companies.
P.C.; One Federal Place, 1819 Fifth Ave. North, Ste. 1000, 35203-
                                                                          Phyllis Paramore (’05) – President & CEO Vulcan Insulation
2118; 328-1900, Fax-328-6000;
                                                                          Co. LLC (see Dir. Update).
Ron Cofield (‘97) – Managing Partner, PriceWaterhouseCoopers of
                                                                          John Redmon (’01) – Executive Vice President of Operations,
the Carolinas, 214 North Tryon Street, Suite 3600, Charlotte, North
Carolina, 28202
                                                                          Graham Sisson (’05) – elected Chair of Birmingham’s Commit-
Thomas E. Corts (’85) – Interim Chancellor, Dept. of Post Second-
                                                                          tee of American With Disabilities.
ary Education, 401 Adams Ave., Montgomery 36104-4340; 334-
Leigh Forstman (’03) –
Nichelle Gainey (’04) – Silverstone International P.O. Box 59644,                  LEADERSHIP BIRMINGHAM
35259; 324-0211                                                                  NEW WEBSITE – ALMOST READY
Rob Langford (’97) –
                                                                              Our new LB website will be up and running by
Harry Marzette (’00) – HCMI @
                                                                              the middle of September. We are excited about
Phyllis Paramore (’05) – Vulcan Insulation Co. LLC, 4625 –A, Valley-          the fabulous new design and the functions that
dale Road, 35242
                                                                              will be available to members and the commu-
Linda Sewell (’02) – 3622 Guyton Ridge Drive, 35244; 426-6428, cell           nity. You will find the site not only informa-
                                                                              tive, but also useful and easy to navigate. Mem-
Gary Stokes (‘98) – 338 Cahaba River Parc, 35243; 970-4917, 245-3212          bers will be able to edit personal information
(cell); (home), (work)
                                                                              as well as participate in discussions on current
Rev. Thomas Wilder, Jr. (’94) – Manager of Consumer Affairs and               issues. Member’s events and LB program days
Community Relations, Pastor, Bethel Baptist Church – Collegeville; 605
Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd., 35203
                                                                              and agendas will be posted monthly, and pro-
                                                                              spective members will be able to fill out appli-
memBer updates                                                                cations online. You will receive a letter in the
                                                                              mail that will give you your own personal ID
Cathy Crenshaw (’91) – has been awarded the Loeb Fellowship at                so that you can access the Members only site.
Harvard College. Based at the graduate School of Design, the pro-             Special thanks to Joan Perry and her staff at
gram offers ten annual post professional awards for independent               PHP Communications for their creative and
study each year. While attending Harvard Cathy will work to im-
                                                                              classy design!
prove her knowledge of good design principles and green building.
                                              LEADERSHIP BIRMInGHAM
                                              2006-2007 PARTICIPAnTS

Mr. Rich Bielen                           Mr. Maury Gaston                           Ms. Karen Odle
SVP, CIO and Treasurer                    Manager, Marketing Services                Executive Director
Protective Life Corporation               American Cast Iron Pipe Co.                Vestavia Hills Chamber of Commerce
Mr. Tim Blair                             Mr. Mark Gibson                            L. Shefton Riggins, M.D.
Dir. of Business Development              Chief Marketing Officer
                                                                                     President - Thoracic, Cardiac
Sloss Real Estate                         Compass Bank
                                                                                     & Vascular Surgery of AL, PC
Ms. Cheryl Brakefield                     Mr. Mike Higginbotham
                                                                                     Mr. Frazer Rolen
Financial Planning Director               Real Estate Agent
                                                                                     Senior VP
Alabama Power Company                     RealtySouth
                                                                                     Alabama Hospital Assoc.
Mr. HB Brantley                           Mr. Philip Hodges
                                          Managing Partner                           Dr. Nena F. Sanders
President - Brantley Visioneering, Inc.
                                          Redmont Venture Partners                   Ralph W. Beeson Dean and Professor
Ms. Kathy Carlisle                                                                   Samford University/Ida V. Moffett
Director                                  Mr. Jimmy Holloway
                                          Managing Partner                           School of nursing
Capital Strategies Group
                                          CRD (Real Estate Development)              Mr. Steve Sewell
Rev. Lawrence Conaway
                                          Mr. Wayne Hutchens                         Exec. VP
Guiding Light Church
                                          Director-Regulatory -                      Economic Develop. Partnership of AL
Mr. Colin Coyne
                                          BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc.
Chief Operating Officer                                                              Ms. Terri A. Sewell
Melaver, Inc.                             Mr. Doug Joehl                             Partner
                                          Treasurer - BE&K, Inc.                     Maynard, Cooper & Gale, P.C.
Mr. Keith Cromwell
                                          Ms. Mary Johnson-Butterworth               Mr. Ken Smith
Executive Director
                                          Civic Volunteer
Summerfest Musical Theatre                                                           Vice President - B'ham Operations
                                          Mr. Reid Jones                             Alabama Gas Corp. (Alagasco)
Dr. Marquita Furness Davis                Exec. VP - University of Alabama
Deputy Dir. for Child Dev. Services                                                  Mr. Cedric D. Sparks, Sr.
                                          Health Services Found., Inc.
Jefferson County Committee for                                                       Executive Director - Mayor's Office
                                          Ms. Cheryl Kidd                            Division of Youth Services
Economic Opportunity
Mr. Paul DeMarco                          City of Birmingham                         Karen Starks, Ph.D
Attorney                                                                             Assistant Professor
                                          Mr. Brian Kurlander
Parsons, Lee & Juliano                    Account Manager                            Univ. of Alabama School
                                          Slaughter Group                            of Social Work
Bradley Dennis, MD
Chief Medical Officer                     Ms. Julie Levinson-Gabis                   Ms. Amy Tucker
Brookwood Medical Center                  Senior Account Executive                   Sr. Attorney and Asst. Secretary
                                          Charter Media                              Vulcan Materials Co.
Ms. Melanie Dickinson
Publisher                                 Dr. Tondra Loder                           Mr. List Underwood, Jr.
                                          Asst. Professor, Educational Foundations   SVP, Head of Investor Relations
Birmingham Business Journal
                                          UAB School of Education
                                                                                     AmSouth Bancorporation
Ms. Augusta Dowd
                                          Mr. Jake McKenzie
Managing Lawyer, VP & Secretary                                                      Ms. Sherri Van Pelt
                                          Chief Operating Officer
White Arnold Andrews & Dowd P.C.          Intermark Group                            Executive Director
                                                                                     VSA Arts of Alabama
Mr. Corey Ealons                         Stanley L. Mims, Ed.D.
Communications Dir./Dept. Chief of Staff Superintendent                              Mr. Scott Vowels
U.S. Representative Artur Davis          Birmingham City Schools                     President - South Regions Minority

                                          Ms. Cheryl Morgan                          Business Council
Mr. Bing Edwards, Jr.
Partner                                   Director/Prof.                             Mr. Thacher Worthen
                                          Auburn University Urban Studio             Corp. VP Marketing
Balch & Bingham LLP
                                          Kathleen Nelson, M.D.                      Coca-Cola Bottling Co.
Mr. G. Courtney French
                                          Prof of Pediatrics/Sr. Assoc. Dean for     United, Inc.
                                          Faculty Dev. - University of Alabama
Fuston, Petway & French, LLP              at Birmingham SOM
Leadership                                                                                     Nonprofit Org.
Birmingham                                                                                     U.S. Postage
2100 First Avenue North, Suite 710                                                            Birmingham, AL
Birmingham, AL 35203                                                                          Permit No. 403

 ContaCt us
Share what is going on in your business, civic, and personal life with other Leadership Birmingham members
or your ideas for programs and general suggestions for the Members Association by mailing (2100 First Avenue
North, Suite 710/35203), E-mailing ( or faxing (252-4497). We want to hear from you.