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                                    Clanfield Parish Council
                              Parish Council Meeting 20th July 2009

         The Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held at The Carter
         Institute, Clanfield on Monday 20th July 2009
         Present – Cllrs James, Crisp, Bowler, Andrews, Harris and WODC Cllrs Booty and Barrett
         Apologies – Cllr Seale, Cllr Cole
         Approve reason for absence – not required
         Approve amendment to agenda if required – Amend agenda as
         follows: after (5) Approve minutes from Parish Council held on
         15th June 2009, go to item (13a) AOB – Swine Flu Advise
         After 13a do Matters arising. After Item 9 do Item 12e
         Declarations of Interest + Registration of Members Interests (if
         any) – none
335/09      The Minutes of the Parish Council held on 15 June 2009 were approved with no

336/09      AOB Agenda Item 13a - Rosemary Smith from the PCT attended the meeting to
            make PC aware of how Swine Flu will be handled. She reported that at present we
            have not been hit as hard as other areas but the PCT is unable to predict what the
            impact will be. She advised that it will help retain the spread of the virus if people
            who think they have it do not go to their GP but use the „Flu-Friend System‟ instead.

            The system allows individuals to have 5 flu friends who can be contacted by telephone
            and requested to go to a pharmacy and collect Tamiflu on behalf of the sufferer.
            The question was raised to the PC whether there is anyone in the village that members
            of the PC could be a flu friend for e.g. people who do not have enough potential „flu

            Swine Flu symptoms include a cough, sore throat, headache and muscle ache – if a
            combination of these symptoms are experienced the advice is to telephone a GP or
            NHS Direct and follow their instructions.
            Suffers will be given an ID number to give to the nominated flu friends who will then be
            able to collect Tamiflu on receipt of the ID number and some form personal
            identification proving that they are authorised to collect the drugs on behalf of the
            sufferer – the victim does not have to leave their home. When calling NHS Direct the
            sufferer will be asked to name the nominated flu friends. Contact telephone numbers
            will appear on the forms.

            In the event of an epidemic there will be anti-viral collection points located at Faringdon,
            Carterton and Witney Leisure centres.

            The general message “Catch it, Bin it and Kill it” will be published in The Clanfield
            What?, together with a notice asking residents to contact Parish Councillors or the
            Clerk if they need flu friends.

            Cllr Booty expressed concern that the logistics of the system may not kick in.
            Rosemary Smith advised that Matthew Staples at the PCT in Oxford is the person to
            contact regarding logistics/communications.

            Cllr James thanked Rosemary for her attendance and advice.

         Matters arising
337/09      Minute 289/09 - Land Registry Voluntary Registration Scheme – Ongoing (Cllr Cole)

338/09      Minute 291/09OCC E & E Bridges Section – Details received from Cllr Seale – refer to
            correspondence. Cllr James stated that there is lottery funding for projects and has
            applied for bridges (half million pounds). Clerk to contact residents that use the bridges
            over Clanfield Brook in Main Street to establish if ownership can be identified before
            involving the Land Registry.

339/09      Minute 292/09 Clanfield Mid-Summer Celebration
            The events were well organised, well attended and raised £1900 profit. £400 will be
            kept as a fund for next year‟s events and £1500 will be awarded to worthy projects.
            Awards Committee: Cllr Harris was proposed by Cllr James and Peter Barrett (PC
            Accountant) was proposed by Cllr Andrews (Cllr James to provide Clerk with two further
            names for Awards Committee). A report has been forwarded to the Clanfield What?
            detailing events etc.

            The Welsh choir has been provisionally booked to appear during the 2011 events.

            The next meeting of the Village Celebrations Committee will be held on 9 November

340/09      Minute 293/09 - Removal of seat opposite Tavern – Outstanding. Defer to Saturday 19th
            September (provisional date).

341/09      Minute 294/09 - Widening of path on the Causeway – Outstanding – Defer to Saturday
            19 September (provisional date).

342/09      Minute 295/09 - WODC Email re sand bunker – Email received from Bob Lightfoot on
            20 June “We are in the process of sorting out an emergency plan for the
            activation of the bunkers. I will push this on again next week and let you know what we
            are planning. With regards to the potential heavy rain, please remember we can
            respond at short notice to all your requirements please use the out of hours number.
            Cllr Barrett to choose 3 keyholders and let Bob Lightfoot know.

343/09      Minute 296/09 - Safety reports December 2008
            Clerk sent follow-up letter explaining that it is the swinging-round motion of the buses
            causing potholes. Reply outstanding.

344/09      Minute 297/09 - Playing Field – Maintenance etc – slide bolt outstanding. Cllr Crisp
            also reported that the rope walk is loose on one side (not dangerous but needs to be

345/09      Minute 298/09 - Freelance Brook Maintainer - Cllr Crisp reported that no decision had
            been made.

346/09      Minute 299/09 - Email from Oxfordshire Highways – Cllr James meeting with Paul
            Wilson - Outstanding.

347/09      Minute 300/09 Email from Anne Keetley regarding Weak Bridge to Prospect House –
            Cllr Seale‟s correspondence reveals that all bridges are private except for the one
            leading to Marsh Lane. Ownership still needs to be pursued with land registry and
            residents of Main Road using the bridges.

348/09      Minute 301/09 EA – Acknowledgement to letter sent regarding David Morgan –
            Cllr Bowler advised that we are still awaiting outcome from the Police.

349/09      Minute 302/09 ICO – Freedom of information Act – Cllr James to review – Outstanding

350/09      Minute 303/09 - Dog waste bins installed in Marsh Lane - Clerk to respond to WODC
            invoice stating that we were not expecting to be charged for these.

351/09      Minute 304/09 Parish Council Vacancy – Cllr Crisp approached two people in the village
            however neither attended July‟s therefore vacancy remains outstanding – It was
            proposed to put a further notice in the Clanfield What?, advertising the vacancy.

         Representatives’ Reports
352/09      WODC - Cllr Barrett
            Nothing to report

353/09      WODC - Cllr Booty
            Cllr Booty apologised for absence from PC meetings due to meeting date conflicts. He
            reported that there is a lot of hard work going on to keep council tax down. Part of is
            role in council is to ensure that WODC has smallest possible effective management
            structure whilst maintaining resources in front line services. This is being achieved by
            sharing a Financial Director and talking closely with staff to try and mitigate
            redundancy whilst cutting salaries – e.g. reduce working hours so as not to lose skill set
            for the future.

            The wider picture has involved lobbying with the EA on behalf of this and other areas –
            It is suspected that any action taken will come down to funding.

            The other concern is logistical management of the Swine Flu outbreak – a disaster
            situation help desk has been planned for September to check how it will really work.

            Apart from the items above the Council carries on battling to maintain services due to
            of lack of resources.

            With regard to the EA Cllr Crisp reported that four members of EA Staff had been
            observed checking for Water Voles despite the appalling state of River Thames
            (e.g. trees down) which will become a serious flooding issue if allowed to continue. It
            was suggested lack of resources in the right areas may be due to unclear/misguided EA
            objectives and priorities.

         Planning Applications
354/09      Planning Ref: 09/0829/P/FP – Erection of 25M anemometer at Friars Court, Main
            Street, Clanfield – No representations. NFA

355/09      Planning Ref 09/0569/P/FP – Construction of ménage at Edgerly Farm, Calcroft
            Lane, Clanfield – GRANTED subject to conditions. NFA

356/09      Minute 310/09 Planning Ref 09/0536/P/LB – Conversation of Barns to dwelling and
            holiday let at Chestlion Farm, Chestlion Lane, Clanfield – GRANTED subject to
            conditions. NFA
357/09      Planning Ref 09/0537/P/LB – Conversation of Barns to dwelling and holiday let at
            Chestlion Farm, Chestlion Lane, Clanfield – GRANTED subject to conditions

         Correspondence Received
358/09      BDO Stoy Hayward – Reminder approval of accounts – passed to Cllr Cole 23/6/09NFA
359/09      Letter Cllr Seale – public highway boundaries/bridges – Cllr James to pursue with Land
360/09      Letter from Clanfield CE Primary School re planning application – Awaiting outcome
361/09      Email from Bob Lightfoot re Sandbags and sand
362/09      Letter OCC Highways – speed limit review – Cllr Bowler queried limits on about Black
            Bourton Road
363/09      ROSPA Playground inspection Report
364/09      Postcard from Brian Wallis confirming lock to be fitted on field allotment gate
365/09      Note from Brian Wallis offering free allotments – Clerk put in Clanfield What?
366/09      Email from Gov Office for SE –Planning for gypsies travellers and show people - NFA
367/09      Email from Cottsway – advising inspection of fence and rail Mill La/Queens Crescent
368/09      Letter from Sainsburys – proposals for Carterton – No comments
369/09      WODC Community Safety & Licencing – Gambling Act 2005
370/09      Gateway Magazine from RAF BN – for Cllr Cole
371/09      Caring Matters journal – Issue 2 Summer 2009
372/09      Safer Communities Partnership – Looking Out Newsletter
373/09      Leaflet Littlethorpe of Leicester Ltd – Hardwood Bus Shelters
374/09      Letter from Nicholsons – Duty of Care Tree Surveys
375/09      ORCC Review – Spring/Summer 2009
376/09      J Parker Wholesale Catalogue Autumn 2009
377/09      Clerks & Councils Direct – July 2009
378/09      ORCC Project poster – N/B
379/09      OCC Cogges Manor Farm Museum – What‟s on Guide
380/09      LCR Catalogue Summer 2009
381/09      The Playing Field Newsletter Summer 2009
382/09      Email Oxford Inspires What‟s on Guide
383/09      Wychwood Project Newsletter – Summer 2009

         Financial Report
         384/09         Cllr James presented the following report to the
         meeting in absence of Cllr Cole
            Festival Receipts                                            £490.00
            Carter Institute – Repairs                                   £275.40
            Festival Receipts                                           £2095.84
            Fair                                                          £60.00

             Payments:- the following payments were approved by Council and the cheques
             written and signed:
                Phil Bewson – Brook Clearance                            £345.00
                Clive Clark – Petrol Mower                                £43.38
                Clanfield WI – Choir Food                                 £69.96
                Clerk Salary (June and July)                             £440.00
                CMV Choir – Coach Fare                                   £550.00
                J Lloyd – Festival Expenses                               £50.94
                M Cole – Emergency Plan Storage Boxes                     £13.98
                Carter Institute – Room Hire                              £20.00
         Balances in the Bank Accounts:
                Bank of Ireland a/c                                          £20390.62
                HSBC – Treasurers a/c                                         £1950.77
                HSBC – Money Manager a/c                                         £1.01

         Leave as outstanding for September’s meeting:
           i. Risk Analysis – An addition for incorrect claims needs to be added
           ii. Asset Register – a new more detailed asset register is required
           iii. Brian Wallis tenancy agreement – the internal auditor wants to see agreement CLLR
           iv. A formal policy for obtaining quotations needs to adopted– Cllr Cole

         Other Proper Business
385/09      Safety Reports – July 2009
            The following areas were reported as in need of attention and the Clerk was asked to
            notify the relevant authorities and add to the outstanding works schedule;

           1. Clerk to contact the letting agent of 11 Mill Lane regarding the deteriorating front
               garden wall.

386/09      Minute 323/09 - Playing Field maintenance – O/S slide bolt – grass cutting needs to be
            arranged and old furniture dumped there needs to be collected by the District Council.
            Reported on 20/7/09 (Job No 102722)

387/09      Minute 324/09 - Emergency Plan for Clanfield
            Cllr Andrews tested Walkie Talkie sets – OK.

            Cllr Bowler will arrange a date for a 7.00pm meeting at Windmill Farm
            (Emergency HQ) - Outstanding

            Cllr James reported emergency telephone is working – diverts all switched off. Cllr
            James will load credit and activate when/if needed (voucher expiry to be checked). Cllr
            James to write a short instruction on how to activate/load phone and will also pursue
            whether the PC can get a WODC line extension in event of emergency

            Cllr Bowler reported that
           i. Production of cllr instructions complete and waiting for phone details to go ahead
            ii Cllr Bowler and Andrews will take all emergency supplies to Windmill Farm next week
            and will then set meeting for all councillors to see where things are located.

388/09      Minute 325/09 - Flood Update

            Cllrs Bowler and Crisp to drafted letter to David Cameron sent by the Clerk. Cllr Bowler
            received acknowledgement from secretary – this action has not been bought about by
            cut-back in government funding and a response is awaited from EA – give them 4 weeks
            to reply. David Cameron will wait for response.

            Cllr Bowler reported near side ditch in Marsh Lane is not working because two major
            culverts are obstructed. Cllr Bowler has got Thames Water to visit this week and sort
            culverts out. It was also agreed to sort our Bernard‟s Ditch by getting a contractor to do
            the work. All involved will be on site on Wednesday and Cllr Bowler will also try to get
            clearance from Thames Water for winter.

            Cllr Bowler reported that David Harpy has portfolio for EA at WODC – included in his
            remit are the issues Laurence King was dealing with.
            John Parkinson from StreetScene is working 3 or 4 days a week however there are no
            promises as to what the end result will be.

            Following meeting it transpired that we are on our own-
            Action required to clean out waterways Cllr Crisp / Bowler
            Thinking at the moment not to worry about land North of Cllr Crisp at the moment – Crisp
            will keep brook clean around his home. PC to look after brook to John Wilmer‟s land
            One thing that may come from EA was a certain amount of money to carry out studies in
            Clanfield, Bampton. I.E. put retaining pond in to hold water. J Wilmer will continue to be
            responsible to look after the brook from Friars Court down. B Wallis / J Morgan - ask
            them to carry on looking after brook as they have done already.
            Cllr James from J Wilmer‟s bridge down a machine will be needed.
            Cllr Bowler will progress by checking availability and type of equipment that can be used
            for cutting. Cllr Bowler to speak to WODC Highways manager to find out name of
            contractor who does the verge cutting. Cllr James suggested also to contact Phil
            Benson and find out what the reach on his machine is.

            Final thing – chairman to write to 3 farmers concerned regarding putting together plan –
            arrange meeting – Wilmer Morgan and Wallis – Cllr James to draft letter and will copy
            Cllr Bowler – got to do before shooting season

389/09      Minute 326/09 - Waste & Minerals – No update

390/09      Minute 327/09 Insurance Renewals – quotes from alternative insurers outstanding.

391/09      Date of the Next Meeting 14 September 2009 at 7.30pm in the Carter Institute

         Any Other Business
392/09      Minute 330/09 - Review of Standing Orders – deferred from July‟s Meeting – review
            standing orders by September‟s meeting – Clerk to email or post to all councillors

393/09      Minute 332/09 – Allotment Field Lock – Response received see correspondence

394/09      Minute 333/09 – Furlong Row Island – Clerk sent letter to Cottsway requesting action.

395/09      Annual footpath Inspections to be completed by December‟s meeting

         Next meeting September 14th At Carter Institute at 7.30 – Cllr
         Andrews apologies in advance
         Having no further business to transact the meeting was closed at
Schedule of Work Outstanding
  1. Black Bourton Bends & Footway opposite Caveriage (Between the Plough Hotel and
     end of village going north): o/s Cllr Crisp to put presentation together if no progress
     made by September’s meeting
     (i) The repairs across the road are breaking up
     (ii)      The footpath needs attention
     (iii)     A number of the wooden fences are breaking up
  2. Queens Crescent junction with Mill Lane – potholes and road surface breaking up (Log
     No 170160) – further deterioration reported Feb 09. Cllr Harris to advise Clerk
  3. Main Street/ Mill Lane Junction deteriorating badly (Medium Risk) Log no 196816 -
  4. Pound Lane/Busby Close – reply received 21.10.08 “work instructed to contractor for 7
     days repair - Outstanding. – Cllr James to check and report
  5. Potholes on the road entrance to the Lorry Park in Clanfield – Clerk to write to OCC
  6. Bampton Road lane on north, opposite ‘The Old Barn’ and alongside Paddock Gate –
       one metre square hole in tarmac on the edge of the road – medium risk. (Reported
       in April 2009) - OS
  7. Pot Holes opposite new houses in Mill Lane – Very High Risk - OS
  8. Pot Hole on Furlong Corner – Medium Risk – repaired badly needs more work –
     DONE - NFA
  9. Drain Dropped in Furlong Row – Medium Risk – now high risk
  10. 41 Mill Lane – Broken drain (cover is on edge of path) – High risk
  11. 41 Mill Lane – Pot hole – Low risk

1. Medium risk potholes have appeared in the Lorry Park - Response received – Clerk to
   write again regarding specific problem caused by Stagecoach buses turning.

Cottsway Housing
1. Alleyway between 59-61 Mill Lane – Fence is a hazard and needs replacing.
  Inspected on 3 November 2008 – They do not regard fence as urgent and it will be placed
on a long term plan for repair. Clerk to write again advising that there have been reports of
injured children and snagged clothing (Feb 09) from this damaged fence. Hedge needs to be
cut at No 59 – resident is unable – Clerk to contact again.
Tel call 15/6/09 to Cottsway (Rosemary) – Housing Inspector to
be sent to check out fence and hedge. Application for garden
services despatched to resident at 59 Mill Lane on 8 May 2009.
Housing Inspector from Cottsway due to inspect fence and hedge
on 2nd July.
2. Island in middle of Furlong Row – remove bushes and tarmac over.
3. Barrier between Queens Crescent and Mill Lane needs to be repaired. DONE - NFA

Andrews Letting Agent
1. Wall collapsing at 11 Mill Lane


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