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         No.4 Vol 08                             Jun 08
         Switchboard Arts Co-op Ltd – The Emerge Project              
         5/13 Harris Street, Windsor Qld 4030
         Email switchboardarts@ Mob 0428 199 268

 “Myalgic Encepho – what?”                                                     Emerge Showcase Calendar
   “Triippiing” by Petter Smiitth
   “Tr pp ng” by Pe er Sm h                                                      and … Booking NOW!!!
         a new challlengiing comedy
         a new cha eng ng comedy
                                                                            Tue 24 Jun–Thu 26 Jun – 7.30pm –
                                                                                           Performance Space
Peter Smith has been working on this play with the Emerge

team since July last year. It has had three public readings – and
dozens of e-mails and phone calls between Peter and Artistic
Director Errol Bray – as the play grew from a handful of scenes
into a full two-act play. As Emerge will only develop work with          a challenging new comedy - by Peter Smith
the playwright fully involved and present for readings,
rehearsals and performances, Peter has made the journey to
Brisbane several times in the past year, once doing it the hard
                                                                       “Myalgic Encepho – what?”
way, just like his characters, by road - bus and hitch hiking in
                                                                       Tripping is the story of four young, disabled people who leave
his case!
Peter (and Emerge) wants to thank the different actors who             their small-home town in South Australia and head for
have been cast members in readings and been such a vital part          Brisbane. To the four adventurers Brissie is the city of warmth
of developing the play – having a variety of readers in the roles      and youth, and of endless possibilities. Changing a tyre is a
has been a big help. The actor and audience feedback at                Herculean feat. Buying maximum chips and pie floaters
readings has been invaluable to Peter. At the third reading            becomes a farce. Picking up a hitch-hiker turns into an
there was a lot of feedback from one audience member which             operatic confrontation. But this comedy is never sentimental.
changed the play considerably (for the better of course). Peter        Playwright, Peter Smith, deals daily with his own disability
particularly values detailed notes given to him by Ben Cornfoot        and he never lets his characters off the hook. They are beset
and Richard Jordan.
                                                                       with all the usual human emotional and personality flaws and
The production cast is a mix of the old-Emerge and the new -
Amy Ingram as Gracie; David Keirnan as Johnny ; Nick Dale as           strengths. Peter takes them on a journey of escape and hope -
James; Alastair Osment as Bishop; and Tamara Meade as all              and takes the audience deep inside the hearts and minds of
the characters met along the road. Director is Errol Bray.             this little disabled tribe. The triumph of the play lies in how
Production manager is Jane Broadbent. Audio-visuals by                 well we come to know these people and how much we care
Stephen Brodie. Design Concepts and poster by Jaz Muhling.             about them by the end of their odyssey.

                                                                       TKTS – Full: Web/Ph $18/$20; Conc.: Web/Ph $12/$14;
          Annual General Meeting                                       Groups (10 or more) $14; School groups (15 or more) $10
      Switchboard Arts Co-op Ltd (Qld)
At 2.30pm on Saturday 31st May, Switchboard (Qld)                             BOOKINGS – allll shows 3872 9000
                                                                              BOOKINGS – a shows 3872 9000
will have its first AGM – at 5/13 Harris St, Windsor.                        or on
                                                                             or on www ud hwr gh cen re com
There will be an annual report, discussion re the                                 Tiickettss allsso att box offffiice on tthe niightt
                                                                                  T cke a o a box o ce on he n gh
future, and election of a new Board. Shareholders
have been invited but we welcome participation                                                MEAA Members
from “interested Emerge members”. You could join                          Please note that Emerge has now arranged with the help of
up to be a shareholder on the day if you like.                         JWC to include MEAA members on the concessions ticket list
                                                                       for Switchboard and Emerge shows and events. We appreciate
                                                                         the fact that so many arts workers (actors in particular) give
Congratulations to TIM DASHWOOD who has acted                               our project and our emerging artists so much support.
in several Emerge productions – he has been
selected to be one of the QTC 2008 Emerging
Artists program. He can presently be seen – only 3                     Saturday 26 July 2.30pm-6pm                                 Studio 4
more nights - in QTC’s production of “Rabbit Hole”
at the Cremorne Theatre.                                               Picnic Playreadings
                                                                       3 new scripts given rehearsed readings in a relaxed setting –
  Dedicated emerge fans might like to forward our                      scripts now being read for inclusion (why not send us
Newsletters and ads for shows on to their own e-mail                   yours?) – byopicnic – cheap tea/coffee/bikkies available
 lists of friends – why deny them the fun of seeing                    no bookings required - $5 at the door. (enq 0428 199 268)
    good theatre at very, very reasonable prices?

                   The Emerge Project is a partnership between Switchboard Arts Co-op and the Judith Wright Centre