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									                Department of Health West Midlands
                      Obesity Update Bulletin

                                                                          Issue 5
                                                                          January 2008

Healthy Weight, Healthy Lives:                       Providing parents with results from the
A Cross-Government Strategy for                       National Child Measurement
England”                                              Programme.
                                                     Healthy and extended schools.
The Department of Health launched a cross-           Making cooking a compulsory part of the
government obesity strategy on 23 January             curriculum by 2011 for all 11–14 year-
2008. This is the first step in a sustained           olds.
programme to support people to maintain a            Developing healthy lunch box policies in
healthy weight. It will be followed by a              schools and assessing lunchtime
public annual report that assesses progress,          environments.
looks at the latest evidence and trends, and         Developing programmes in schools to
makes recommendations for further action.             increase the participation of obese and
The ambition is to be the first major nation to       overweight pupils in PE and sport.
reverse the rising tide of obesity and               Developing a marketing programme.
overweight in the population. The initial            Investing in the cycling infrastructure and
focus is on children: by 2020, DH aim to              skills in areas of need.
reduce the proportion of overweight and
obese children to 2000 levels. There are          Promoting Healthier Food Choices
five key themes to the strategy:
                                                  Action focuses on:
1. The healthy growth and development of           A Healthy Food Code of Good Practice
   children.                                         to challenge the food and drink industry.
2. Promoting healthier food choices.               Promoting flexibilities in planning
3. Building physical activity into people's          regulations to manage the proliferation of
   lives.                                            fast food outlets in certain areas, such as
4. Creating incentives for better health.            near parks or schools.
5. Personalised advice and support.                Asking Ofcom to bring forward its review
                                                     of restrictions on the advertising of
The Healthy Growth and Development                   unhealthy foods to children.
of Children
                                                  Building Physical Activity into People's
Action focuses on:-                               Lives
 Identifying at-risk families through the
   Child Health Promotion Programme.              Action focuses on:
 Updating the National Service                    The Walking into Health campaign.
   Framework to prioritise the promotion of        Investing in Healthy Towns using models
   healthy weight in early life, and specify         from Europe.
   the monitoring and interventions that are       Working with industry on tools to
   to be offered to all children and families.       manage the time children spend playing
 Promoting breastfeeding as the norm for            sedentary games online.
   mothers.                                        Reviewing the approach to physical
                                                     activity and the role of Sport England to
    ensure there is more physical activity                 The action plan outlines five priorities for
    before and after the 2012 Olympic                      health and social care organisations:-
    Games.                                                To raise awareness of the link between
                                                           nutrition and good health and that
Creating Incentives for Better Health                      malnutrition can be treated;
Action focuses on:                                        To ensure that accessible guidance is
 Developing healthy workplaces.                           available across all sectors and that the
 Piloting well-being assessments                          most relevant guidance is appropriate
   throughout the NHS.                                     and user-friendly.
 Piloting personal financial incentives,                 To strongly encourage nutritional
   such as payments, vouchers and other                    screening for all people using health and
   rewards to encourage healthy living.                    social care services; with particular
                                                           attention to those groups who are known
Personalised Advice and Support                            to be vulnerable.
                                                          To encourage provision and access to
Action focuses on:
                                                           relevant training for frontline staff and
 Developing the NHS Choices website.
                                                           managers on the importance of nutrition
 Supporting the commissioning of more                     for good health and nutritional care; and
   weight management services by
   providing extra funding.                               To clarify standards and strengthen
                                                           inspection and regulation.
Regional Progress                                      A range of actions to support these priorities
                                                       have already been agreed.
Progress on these themes and the West
                                                       As part of the plan, the Government and
Midlands’ response to the strategy will be
                                                       stakeholders will be encouraging the NHS to
discussed at a major West Midlands
                                                       use the Council of Europe Alliance (UK) "10
conference – “Preventing Obesity
                                                       Key Characteristics of Good Nutritional
Regional Delivery, Going Further Faster”,
                                                       Care" - a landmark document which creates
Tuesday 18th March 2008, 9.30am to
                                                       a common understanding of what good
4.00pm at the Paragon Hotel, Birmingham.
                                                       nutritional care looks like in hospital settings.
Acknowledgements: Chris Palmer, Birmingham CC;         Gordon Lishman, Director General of Age
Web References:                                        Concern, has been asked by Ivan Lewis to   chair the Nutrition Action Plan Delivery
8 (Obesity Strategy)                                   Board that will ensure delivery of the Action (NHS             Plan.

                                                       National Child Measurement
Nutrition Action Plan                                  Programme
A Nutrition Action Plan was published at the
                                                       Children in Reception and Year 6 are now
end of October by DH in conjunction with
                                                       having their height and weight measured in
over 25 leading stakeholders, outlining a
                                                       schools as part of year three of the National
range of actions to tackle malnutrition and
                                                       Child Measurement Programme (NCMP).
ensure the nutritional needs of older people
                                                       Following the regional consultation
in hospitals and care homes are better met.
                                                       workshops that DH held in July, updated
   This first ever national plan aims to              guidance for PCTs and schools is now
    ensure that health and social care staff           available at
    and managers are well informed,
    equipped and supported to provide good             An information booklet for parents called
    nutrition and effective nutritional care.          Why your child’s weight matters, has
                                                       recently been revised and translated into 15
languages. The leaflet provides information      All schools are welcome to join the
for parents about the programme, which           Partnership and join a network of schools
takes place every year. It also includes         committed to achieving Bronze, Sliver and
practical tips on how to help children eat       Gold marks for good food culture by visiting
well and become more active, why                 the website.
maintaining a healthy weight is important,
and steps that parents can take to help their    Heart of England Fine Foods
family lead a healthy lifestyle.
                                                 – website
Copies of the leaflet can be downloaded at:
                                                 The Heart of England Fine Foods Year of or ordered by
                                                 Food & Farming website is now up and
quoting 277810 from DH Publications
                                                 running. Visit the website at:-
Orderline: 08701 555 455 or by faxing
01623 724 524 or emailing
                                                 School Food Trust – website
Family Nurse Partnership
                                                 For the latest news from the School Food
Programme                                        Trust, log onto their website:-
The Family Nurse Partnership is a joint DH/
DCSF project, that is testing a model of
intensive nurse-led home visiting for
vulnerable first time young parents. It
involves family nurses and visiting young,
disadvantaged young parents from early
pregnancy until the child is two years old.      Statistics on Obesity, Physical
Nurses build close, supportive relationships     Activity and Diet: England,
with families and guide inexperienced            January 2008
teenagers to adopt healthier lifestyles,
improve their parenting skills and become        This statistical report presents a range of
self-sufficient.                                 information on obesity, physical activity and
                                                 diet, drawn together from a variety of
                                                 sources. This publication also summarises
Food for Life Partnership –                      government plans and targets in this area,
online                                           as well as providing sources of further
                                                 information and links to relevant documents
The new Food for Life Partnership website        and key sources. There are several notable
was launched in October. It is an                additions to this, The Information Centre's
information resource and networking site for     second report on obesity, physical activity
schools and communities across England           and diet. Waist circumference analysis has
committed to transforming food culture. By       been included where possible to reflect the
working together, the Food for Life              importance of using this measurement in
Partnership aims to revolutionalise school       conjunction with Body Mass Index (BMI) in
meals, reconnect young people with where         order to identify those at increased risk of
their food comes from and inspire families to    health problems associated with obesity.
cook and grow food. The website features         Where possible information at a more local
regional pages so it’s easy to find out what’s   level has been reported on.
happening locally, which schools and farms
are involved and what events are taking
place. Visit the website at:-
Health Survey for England 2006:                   Birmingham
CVD and Risk Factors Adults,
Obesity and Risk Factors                          Birmingham Healthy Eating &
Children                                          Active Lifestyle for Children
For adults, the 2006 report focused on
cardiovascular disease and risk factors,          If you would like to receive the October 2007
which covered behavioural risks such as           edition of the BEACHes Newsletter, please
physical activity, smoking, alcohol               email and she will
consumption, fruit and vegetable                  send it to you.
consumption and fat intake as well as health
status risk factors including general health,
blood pressure, diabetes and                      If you would like an article included in the
anthropometric measurements. The report           next (April) newsletter, please email it to:-
on children covers physical activity, fruit and
vegetable consumption, smoking, alcohol
consumption, and anthropometric
measurements. Trend tables are also
produced each year focusing on key
changes in core topics and measurements
over time.

BBC Good Food Award for
Angela Blair from Sandwell PCT was
recently recognised with The Judges’
Special Award at this year’s Radio 4 Food
and Farming Awards. Angela’s Director of
Public Health, Dr John Middleton, said that
Angela “richly deserves this accolade. We
are pleased to celebrate this with Angela
and recognise the work that she and so
many others in Sandwell do in pursuit of
healthy diets.


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