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        Volume 57 (8) : August, 2004
        Irish Veterinary Journal


                                                                                                    VETERINARY IRELAND AGM 2004
                                                                                           Veterinary Ireland’s agm will be held at the Marriott Hotel,
        Continuing professional development                                                Druid’s Glen, Kilcoole, Co Wicklow on November 5 at 4pm.
                                                                                           The agm will be held in conjunction with the equine group
        5th World Congress of veterinary dermatology                                                                  conference.
          August 25 to 28                                         Vienna, Austria
          For further information see:                         Meat quality: pigs and poultry
        VICAS/BSAVA: Orthopaedics skills 2                                              October 14 to 15                        University of Krakow, Poland
          September (date TBC)           Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, UCD            A joint British Society of Animal Science, Krakow University, Bristol
          Speaker: Mark Glyde.                                                          University and Hellenic Society of Animal Production Conference.
        BEVA Congress (19 CVE credits)                                                  Further details from BSAS. Tel:+44 131 445 4508.
          September 15 to 18                                Birmingham, UK            Equine Group of Veterinary Ireland conference              15 CVE credits
          For further information see:                                 November 5 to 6                                Marriott Hotel, Kilcoole
        Veterinary Ireland Herd Health Management Plan tutorial 6 CVE credits           The title of this year’s conference is ‘skin disease and perinatal care’.
         September 16                                                    Abbeyleix      As in previous years, the organising committee is calling for
         Further information from Veterinary Ireland. Tel: 01 457 7976.                 practitioners to present case studies of practical interest. Anyone with
        Which pills for which ills - a therapeutic update             8 CVE credits     a suitable case, who wishes to present it, should send details to the
         September 18                    Stillorgan Park Hotel, Stillorgan, Dublin      conference Chairman, Bridget McGing, c/o the Conference
          Speaker: Jill Maddison. Run jointly by VICAS and BSAVA. Further               Secretariat at the address below. Successful applicants will receive
          information from Veterinary Ireland. Tel: 01 457 7976.                        complimentar y registration for the conference. For fur ther
        BSAVA NI: Osteochondrosis                                                       information, contact Conference Secretariat: Irish Equine Veterinary
          September 22                                              TBA                 Conference, 76a Upper Georges St, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin. Tel:
          Speaker: Malcolm McKee. For more see:                          01 230 2592; Fax 01: 230 2594; E-mail
        The challenge facing animal science education                                 VICAS/BSAVA Emergency Medicine
          September 23             Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester, UK          November 27                               University College Dublin
          The current and future provision of animal science education in the UK        Speakers: Leslie King and Hester Mc Allister. For further information
          and Europe. Further details from BSAS on Tel:+44 131 445 4508.                contact Veterinary Ireland.
        Conference on equine sports medicine and science of the race and              21st mastitis control and quality milk production seminar
        endurance horse                                                                 November 28 to 30                                    Gloucester, UK
          September 23 to 28                                   Oslo, Norway             For fur ther information contact: or
          International forum for the exchange of information on sport horses.
          For further information contact: Arno Linder; Tel: +49 2 01 5 71 88         VICAS winter conference: exploring the abdomen
          73; Fax: +49 2 01 5 71 88 74; E-mail:                 January 21-23, 2005                      New Park Hotel, Kilkenny
        ESFM feline conference                                                          Emma Tobin, UCD will present radiology and radiography of the
          September 24 to 26                        Burlington Hotel, Dublin            abdomen. Other speakers are: Andrew Mackin, Mississippi State
          Speakers: Mike Lappin, Colorado State University; Virginia Luis               University; Jonathan Bray, Davies and White, UK; Sheila Brennan,
          Fuentes, RVC, London; Carmel Mooney, UCD; Claudia Reusch,                     UCD; and Ronan Doyle, UCD. There will be a nurses programme
          University of Zurich and Susanne Boroffka, University of Utrecht.             and commercial exhibition on the Saturday. For more contact VICAS.
          For more information see:                                  Veterinary Orthopaedic Society 32nd Annual Conference
        BVA Congress                                                                    March 5 to 12, 2005                         Aspen, Colorado, USA
          October 1 to 2          Cavendish Conference Centre, London, UK               For further information see:
          For further information see:                                 4th International Dairy Federation mastitis conference
        29th WSAVA Veterinary Congress and 10th FECAVA European Congress                June 12 to 15, 2005                       Maastricht, the Netherlands
          October 6 to 9                                       Rhodes, Greece
          For more information see:                                Food Animal Group agm
        International association of human-animal interaction organisations              October 9                               Fitzpatrick Bunratty Hotel
          October 6 to 9               Scottish Exhibition Centre, Glasgow.              For further information contact Veterinary Ireland.
          The theme will be: people and animals: a timeless relationship. For
          more see:
        CAVI conference                                            9 CVE credits       Royal Veterinary College Control of Food Safety
          October 8 to 9          Fitzpatrick Bunratty Hotel, Bunratty, Co Clare       The Royal Veterinary College offers Distance Learning Courses for
          Send details of suitable case studies to Ciaran Mellett, c/o                 CPD purposes, and will be holding a one day workshop on November
          Conference Secretariat, CAVI annual conference, 76a Upper Georges            19 linked to a 35 hour short course on Control of Food Safety - Red
          Street, Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin. Tel: 01 230 2591; Fax: 01 230              Meat and Poultry. For more contact: JJack@RVC.AC.UK.
          2594; E-mail: