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					            Dear Reader,
            First of all I would like to personally thank you for downloading and reading this guide, then, I
            want to congratulate you on taking the first step to wealth.

            There are a few things I want you to know, this is not one of those get rich schemes you may be
            used to seeing these are methods, ideas, and strategies to make you a fortune using flickr. My
            goal is to help you succeed.

            I want you to take your time reading through the information and remember my intentions are
            not to have you pay money and leave you stuck out that’s why I want you to update me on your
            success with this method. My email is .Please be considerate.
            Please limit your emails to two (2) per month In my closing I appreciate all of my customers,
            however I hope the information requested will help and guide you into prosperity.

            Thank You,
            Bangotorio Mitchell

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                                                What Is Flickr?
            I know to some this may seem a little crazy but there are many people out there who
            don’t know what Flickr is, so if you are one of them let me give you a brief explanation:

            Flickr is social-networking website that is built to allow people to post and share their
            own photos. It is the most popular of this category of sites. According to Alexa, it
            reaches approximately 20% of all Internet users and is the 32nd most popular website
            on the Internet. Millions use Flickr Search to see if there are already photos for their
            niche. Flickr will link to your website with the photos you upload. This will help drive
            qualified traffic, as well as potential search engine benefits.

            Arguably the most popular online photo management and sharing application on the
            Internet today, Flickr has about 1.5 million users and counting. As for many social media
            networks, businesses are quickly realizing the value of such a dense and active
            audience, and like any social media marketing campaign, it is important for businesses
            to not only set up an account with appropriate titles, tags, and so on, but also to become
            active and productive members of the Flickr community, utilizing the full potential.

            By posting quality photos representing your businesses, products, services, or even
            ideas and tagging them according to location, subject, or key phrase, these photos have
            a high potential for appearing in image searches for engines like Google and Yahoo, not
            to mention the possible visibility on actual Flickr searches. The recent development of
            Universal Search has upped the ante yet again by making it possible for images to
            appear in the main organic ranking results. When photos gain this kind of visibility, they
            can begin to greatly impact viral marketing efforts, actual search engine rankings, and
            especially web traffic, which is why so many businesses are jumping on the Flickr

            The success of a photo or group of photos depends on many things, but mostly on the
            "interestingness" of the images. Now this may seem somewhat arbitrary, but I assure
            you it is quite the opposite. Flickr has employed an algorithmic ranking system to rival
            the Google bots. An image's interestingness is based on the number of people who
            view it, comment on it, and mark it as a favorite. If those who mark it as a favorite are
            themselves favorites of a host of others, that vote is weighted more, and thus it is an
            ever changed and growing web of users that gradually push the best material to the top.
            Though the Google and Yahoo image searches work on a similar principle, the results

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            found on Flickr searches are vastly superior, the image search experience is becoming
            hugely popular.

            Now that we have that out of the way, the moment you have been waiting for! I cut out
            all the crap and fluff. I’ll just answer the question you are thinking about:

                        “How Can I Make A Fortune Using Flickr?”

            Every business needs two things, product/services and customers/ready buyers. You
            may have a product or service but need some ready motivated buyers. All you need to
            do is follow the steps below, it’s pretty simple:

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                                          Set-Up A Flickr Account
            Before you can use Flickr you must have a Yahoo account. You can use the one you
            currently have but I would advise you to create a new Yahoo account. To create a new
            Yahoo account go here. Once you have signed up go to Flickr and Sign-Up for a free
            account. Now you have created a new Yahoo account. I recommend using an alias

            Example: If your name is Brenda Adams create a yahoo/ Flickr account using
            Brenda09 or B_Adams. As you read further you will understand why.

            *** Make sure while your creating your profile you add your website address. Use your
            user name for the description of your site or a short keyword. This will be displayed in
            your profile for your website name.***

            I prefer using a user name because it’s more innocent than placing a long keyword that
            will cause people to feel you are marketing something.

            When you create your profile, you have an opportunity to tell the wider community who
            you are. You also can setup links to your website(s) and e-mail. Make sure you choose
            or create an icon to represent your niche well. I use what I call a “Perception Icon” .If my
            niche is cleaning, maybe I would find a photo of an attractive man/ woman who appears
            to be cleaning. It gives passer by’s something to wonder about.

            Once your account is set-up you will always have to sign in to your Yahoo account
            whenever signing in to Flickr. Make sure you remember your yahoo account details.
            This is very important.

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                                          Finding or Creating Photos
            This is one of the most important steps of the entire process. You need to find pictures
            that have something to do with your niche or biz. I’ll give you an example:

            If my niche or business was in health care or fitness, I would find a photo where maybe
            an attractive man or woman has on a doctor’s or nurse’s uniform that looks like it was
            taken at the job or buy their friends or family.

            The key here is perception. People who look at this photo perceive it as natural or
            normal looking. However, for me, it’s an attractive person who will make people take a
            second look. Also it has something to do with my niche or business. You can even take
            pictures of yourself doing something related to your niche or biz, that works well too.

            If you don’t have your own photos, here is a list of places you can go to get stock
            images. Many of these are royalty free, which means you can do what you want with
            them. Some you will have to purchase but many of the photos are only a few cents.

   (Free Photos)

         (Cheap Photos)



            It’s bst to always look for the most natural looking pictures, but there are a few cases
            where you will get a picture that looks like a photographer has taken it. I look mainly for
            the pictures you would think someone had taken on a cell phone or with a regular
            camera, they work the best for me. It all depends on your niche or your business on
            what could work for you.

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                                             Upload Your Photos
            Now that you know how to find and create your photos, it’s now time to upload them.

            Log-in to your Flickr account.

            Click on Upload Photos and Videos (located on the right of screen)

            Now you can upload your photos from your computer. It’s best to have all your photos in
            one place so that they are easy to upload and you don’t have to search all over your
            computer’s files or folders to find them.

            ***You can also download the Flickr Uploader tool to upload your pictures easily and of
            course faster. However, you can upload multiple photos at once by holding down the
            shift key while clicking on the photos you want to upload.***

            Remember: Before you upload your photos, always make sure your pictures are
            available for the public to view. You will see this option available at the bottom of the
            upload page.

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                                               Tagging Your Photos

            Tagging is basically labeling photos with words and phrases so that search engines can
            determine what the picture is about. That photo your using for your niche may have a
            funny name like “452yt23.jpg”, but when you upload it into Flickr, you should "tag" it with
            the name of your niche or business and keyword your using.

            Example: If your niche or business is cooking, once you have uploaded your photos,
            you can tag them by saying, “Cooking good food” or “Making Food”, assuming you have
            photos uploaded as I described earlier.

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                                           Get Flickr Backlinks

            The importance and job of one-way links, aka,” backlinks”, is to increase your ranking in
            the search engines, which in turn, directly influences your traffic. Backlinks can be
            obtained in various ways and it helps to give your site depth and strength which in turn
            helps your site to rank better in the search engines. Most of the time where SEO
            (Search Engine Optimization) is concerned it will be the site with the most indexed
            pages along with backlinks from relevant sources that will rank tops.

            Flickr receives millions of hits each and every day and as far as I am concerned, you
            never say no if there is a possibility to leverage traffic from such a powerhouse.
            Remember, you will be able to obtain backlinks as well as get direct visits through your

            The first thing you would want to do is perform a search within Flickr. Use your niche
            and website's targeted keywords. Once you find photo's that comply with your search
            then you need to comment on those pictures. Try staying within the relevant field of your
            niche and leave comments such as, "wow, great pic, or “is it possible that I could use
            this photo on my site" and then drop your link. This way you will be scoring a backlink
            plus you'll be getting curious clickthroughs.

            Be smart and DO NOT spam! Stay in your niche and you'll be well rewarded!

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                                          Join Every Group You Can
            Now you need to join a group….. this is easy! Find a group pertaining to your niche and
            ask to join. Some of these groups will tell you a group administrator will have to approve
            you, but I normally don’t ask to join those types of groups.

            Click on the group tab in the menu bar. Now type the name of your niche into the group
            search bar. You will see all types of groups pertaining to your niche.

            Start joining all these groups. After you join a group you need to add photos to that
            particular group.

            There are over 14,000 groups on Flickr. You an join as many of these groups that you
            want. Its all about how creative you can get with your photos.

            Don’t add more than 2 or 3 photos at a time unless you have more than 15 photos
            uploaded. Some groups will only allow you to add 1 to 6 photos per day.

            I said I would make this simple for you. I hope you understand the basics of working

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                                           Using Flickr For Affiliate Marketing:
            Link each photo to your affiliate id. You can use this method, but it is risky. Take a look
            below at this. I will give you an idea of how you could use Flickr for your affiliate
            marketing projects.

            A Likely Way Of Making Money, Affiliate Marketing

            With the help of investment in good education and open minded imagination, you can start your online empire now. There are
            many factors that come into play in promoting your website. It will be a stress to do all the work and get profit as "One Man
            Army" Then affiliate marketing uncovers the possible way. Internet Business and affiliate programs are the easiest business
            models and this is why many new entrepreneurs begin with these programs.

            In affiliate marketing, it is recommended to get trained in order to fetch success. In case if you are a new one to internet
            marketing or any other online business, you might not be having sufficient stuffs about promoting or marketing the products.

            It is important to search for independent trainers who can teach you how to sell virtually anything, as most website owners do
            not offer affiliate training. You may have to do some research in order to find the best one as there are many individuals.

            Discovering a Trainer

            It is worthwhile to research some form of training before starting with any online business. There are some very good training
            programs but equally some not so good affiliate training programs.

            If you are very interested and the one who have taken affiliate marketing very seriously, you will need to do some research on
            specific products. But make sure that you are doing your business via the right Affiliate Program.

            The Benefits

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            There are many unbelievable benefits in undertaking affiliate marketing training. You must, however keep up-to-date with
            online business trends and be ready to adapt to changes that happen.

            Since there is a gradual increase in affiliate marketers there is a lot of competition online, however there are various ways to
            dominate those markets and make money. You will find out about the relevant methods from experts in affiliate training

            When undertake the right affiliate programs there will be no limits on your income but your earnings will be the result of
            undertaking a good affiliate training program.

            Targeted traffic is directed to your website, it can contribute numerous inbound links, and it could augment your sales in no
            time. This puts you in the business frame of mind. When you get trained, you tend to have a more business like attitude
            towards that thing, no matter what it is.

            If you get the support from the experienced fellows, you can become successful online. But, again it depends upon the
            techniques you use and the mistakes that you don't make.

            This pitch was placed into the description of the photo. You would think it’s just a photo
            until you click on it and start to read the description that has an unsuspected link to the
            affiliate program placed in the text. Here is the Flickr homepage, take a look. I got some
            really good ideas after viewing it.

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                                          No Website, No Problem
            If you don’t have a website and want to know how you can make money with flickr then
            get signed up as an affiliate here:


            Start a blog. You can start a blog absolutely free. You can join:




            Live Journal


            Most of these blogs will allow you to post links and pictures. What I have done in the
            past is create 3 or 4 blogs about my affiliate products and my niches. You can make a
            nice income with PPC or CPA using blogs and never have too worry about paying for

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                                          The Flickr Fortune Strategy:
            Upload at least 20 photos to your Flickr account. I would advise you to do at least 40 to
            get it going a lot sooner. Join all the groups pertaining to your niche.

            I told you earlier I use attractive photos of men/woman. Here is why:

            When joining these groups associated with your niche ,if your niche is “Cooking” and
            you add a photo of a cake or meal you cook, that’s fine but what if you could tap into
            every group on flickr by adding a photo to the group?

            Well, let me tell you, your traffic would explode through the roof. Fortunately for you,
            your photos have people in them. You now can virtually join every group on flickr and
            your photos are still relevant to your niche.

            Example: If “Health and Fitness” is your niche, you could have a photo of a guy lifting
            weights or a woman working out in a bikini. Now you can join all the fitness groups and
            the groups “Pretty Women”, “Women in Swim Suits” and “Men Bodies” or “Cut Men
            Faces”. This works for virtually every niche.

            You have all the groups you need now. The next thing you need to do is add 2 or 3
            photos to every group you’re a member of.

            On Flickr so many people are adding photos to groups around the clock. I have a
            strategy I use to keep traffic and ready buyers coming to me all day long.

             Let’s say I’ve joined 50 groups. Now I am going to add photos to each of these groups
            2 times a day, everyday for a few weeks or a month at the longest, depending on the
            traffic and views I am getting. On Flickr, once you post a photo, you are the number one
            photo in that group’s homepage. Similar to Google, the number one page gets most of
            the traffic. Well, the difference with Flickr is, if you fall out the top 6 to 12 photos, you
            are not seen by most visitors because most people don’t take time to search through
            these groups.

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            If you are in a group with 20,000 members, within a few minutes you could be gone off
            of the front page. If you max out your photos allowed per day then your stuck until the
            next day. Also, if you add 20 photos to one group because it allows you to, then you
            have to get more photos just to add to that one group. That’s why I say you should add
            only 2 or 3 photos when posting to a group.

            I like using attractive pictures because people and many group administrators will ask
            you for your permission to use your photo for their group. Many administrators have
            kept my photos on their front page for weeks, and if that group has 5 or 10 thousand
            members then you could really see a spike in your traffic, sales and conversions.

            I stated earlier that it’s important to use a name and not a description if you’re going to
            use this method. The reason why is most people will have the perception you are a
            person and not a business trying to market a product or service. Once again, it’s all
            about perception. Your traffic and buyers are seeing things not as they are, but as they
            could be.

            The best part of using this method is that you will be getting targeted traffic and the
            overflow of traffic that surprisingly enough, can and will buy. You could generate a huge
            list with this method, sales and repeat buyers.

            I previously used this method to take a site unranked in Google and with Alexa it had
            ranking of 22million. Less than 10 days later using this method, I was ranked number #
            3 in Google and had an Alexa rank of 1million worldwide and a US traffic ranking of less
            than 350k. I also had 2 photos that were on Google’s main page for my keyword. Don’t
            take my word for it, use this method and if see for yourself.

            You can also post comments on photos for more traffic and backlinks but be careful
            using this method. Only post relevant comments on photos. Flickr is a world of its own
            and if you use your imagination you can give Google the finger and still have a
            profitable business. Go ahead and take advantage of the Flickr Fortune Methods now!

            This method will work for any off the following:

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            Affiliate Marketing

            Personal Websites

            Landing Page




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                                             Sexy Secrets Of Flikr
            Please understand that this may offend some people so stop reading if you think you
            may be offended…However, if you continue, I told you all through this course that
            “Perception” is the key to making a fortune on Flikr.

            I’ll get right to it, “Sex Sells” Period! It maximizes your results if you have attractive
            people in photos in some sort of way, dealing with the niche you are involved in. You
            will get traffic and make money. No, I did not say nude or X-rated because I don’t use
            and will not use that method to get traffic or sales.

            However, the perception of sexy and using human attraction is OK in my book. It has
            sent massive amounts of people to my business. If you have a product that people
            need, no matter what they were looking for originally, if they need your product or
            service they will become buyers, period.

            I use this sexy secret on flickr with all niches but it works better with some than others
            when it comes to conversions. In my research, this method can work great in the
            following niches and businesses.












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            Niche Ideas:

            Travel Niche: Do a site about the beaches of the world. Find the most attractive men
            and women you can find in bathing suits. Post their photos on Flickr (you will find more
            than enough groups for that) and drive ready buyers to your site.




            115 million searches on Google for Beach In Mexico .

            Thanks for reading and I hope you get started using these methods A.S.A.P

            PLEASE READ!!!

            It is important to create at least two accounts in case your Flickr account is flagged. I have only
            had one account flagged since I have been doing this. I had to call yahoo and answer a few
            questions and it was restored immediately. It is important to create multiple accounts and never
            use your personal email account because if someone in Flickr flags your account it will close
            your email account also. You don’t even want to take that chance even though this method is
            within Flickrs guide lines. Follow all group rules so you don’t get flagged for any reason.

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