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					                                  THE POLISH MINING CONGRESS                                                 HOTEL
                                                    19-21 September 2007, Kraków
                                                                                                             AND EXCURSION
                                               Science and Mining Tradition Foundation                       APPLICATION
                                                    Al. Mickiewicza 30, 30-059 Kraków
                       Information about the Congress available on page:,

                                              POLISH TRAVEL OFFICE ORBIS Sp. z o.o.
                                              ul. Kremerowska 5, PL 31-130 Kraków
                                              phone: (+48 12) 422 30 44, 422 17 07
                                              fax: (+48 12) 422 28 85

Ladies and Gentlemen,
We have the honour to present our offer prepared specially for the participants of the Polish Mining Congress concerning
accommodation and a touristic programme for accompanying persons.
You are kindly requested to fill in legibly this form and send it back to the ORBIS office by fax or post.
Simultaneously we would like to assure your that all information included in this form will be used exclusively for the needs of the
                                                                                                   Yours sincerely
                                                                                                   THE ORGANISERS
We ask you kindly to fill in the form (block letters) and to send it back by 18 July 2007-05-22
         Surname:                                                     First name:
         Business address:
         Name of institution:
                    Street:                                           no:
                    Town:                                  postal code:
                    Telephone no.:                         fax no.:
         Accompanying person:
         Surname:                                                     First name:

                                                                         Type of room                                         Total cost
NAME AND ADDRESS OF HOTEL                 Date of    Date of     Number                            Price of room per
                                                                   - we request to mark with                             (price x number of
       IN KRAKOW                          arrival   departure    of nights                        day in Polish Zlotys
                                                                  “X” the selected room type                                   nights)
    DOM STUDENCKI ALFA                                                    single room                   100.0
     ul. Reymonta 17, Kraków                                              double room                   130.0
 HOTEL STUDENCKI ŻACZEK                                                   single room                    95.0
        ul. 3 Maja 5, Kraków                                              double room                   140.0
   HOTEL IBIS CENTRUM**                                                   single room                   277.0
     ul. Syrokomli 2, Kraków                                              double room                   355,0
     HOTEL CRACOVIA***                                                    single room                   268.0
        Al. Focha 1, Kraków                                               double room                   376.0
         HOTEL SASKI***                                                   single room                   320.0
    ul. Sławkowska 3 - centrum                                            double room                   390.0
  HOTEL ALEXANDER III***                                                  single room                   310.0
    ul. Zamenhofa 14, Kraków                                              double room                   400.0
        HOTEL AMBER***                                                    single room                   380.0
     ul. Garbarska 10, Kraków                                             double room                   395.0
     HOTEL POD RÓŻĄ***                                                    single room                   550.0
     ul. Floriańska 14, Kraków                                            double room                   650.0
HOTEL NOVOTEL CENTRUM****                                                 single room                   600.0
     ul. Kościuszki 5, Kraków                                             double room                   700.0
                                                    TOTAL ACCOMMODATION COSTS:
•   In the room price breakfast of Swedish buffet type is included.

•   The room price includes VAT tax.

•   In the Dom Studencki ALFA and Hotel Żaczek only the cost of accommodation together with VAT tax is included.

•   From 1 July 2004 all persons travelling to Kraków are obliged to pay the city tax amounting to 1.60 Polish Zlotys per person and
    night. This tax should be paid directly at the hotel.

•   In the case of reservation of one place in a double room you are requested to give the name of the person that share with you the
    room, otherwise it will be alloted as a single room

    – surname:                                        first name:

•   The deadline for reservation cancellation without costs is 18 July 2007

    – reservation cancellation after this date or non-arrival – payment return will not be possible.
                                                                                              Price per person
                     Excursions for accompanying persons                                                             Number Tota
                                                                                          (in case of minimum 10
                 (Please mark with “X” the selected excursion)                                                      of persons l cost
 Walk in Kraków – Route: Wawel Hill (Wawel Cathedral), Kanonicza
  Street, Kraków’s Central Square (Grand Square), Basilica of the Virgin                    50.0 Polish Zlotys
  Mary’s, Cloth Hall duration 3 hours
 Kazimierz - former Jewish Quarter –Route: Szeroka Street, Old
  Synagogue, Remuh Cemetery, places connected with S. Spilberg’s film,                      50.0 Polish Zlotys
  duration 4 hours

(only for accommodation and excursion) by bank transfer to the account:

         Kredyt Bank S.A. II/O Kraków, Account number: 27 1500 1487 1214 8001 2052 0000
Please give the following data: our event number R 0006/09/07, name of participant and name of hotel.

CREDIT CARD – MAIL ORDER                    (please mark)
       AmEx                                 MasterCard                          Visa                             EuroCard

Surname and first name of card holder:
       Name of credit card:
       Expiry date (month/year):

        I authorize PBP Orbis Krakow to charge the amount due from my card.

Please make out the VAT invoice.
Full data for the invoice (name, address with postal code, Tax identification number)

I declare that I am authorized to receive a VAT invoice and I entitle PBP Orbis Sp. z o.o. O/Kraków to make out the VAT
invoice and to send it by post without signature.

         ……………………………………                                                                                ……………………………………
             Date                                                                                          Legible signature