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					NPC ’08
                                       September 15 – 18, 2008

                                          Maritim Hotel Berlin
                                          BERLIN, GERMANY

                                 Organised by VGB PowerTech

           In Cooperation with IAEA and National Nuclear Organisations

                S p o n s o r e d b y E n K K , E . O N , RW E , V a t t e n f a l l a n d N O K

Background and Objectives

This biennial conference, held since 1977, reviews the latest developments in the science and
technology of water chemistry control in nuclear reactor systems. Previous conferences have
made a major contribution to improving the understanding of fundamental chemistry processes,
resulting in significant advances in water chemistry control worldwide. The objectives of the
Conference are to exchange relevant information, experiences and test data among engineers and
researchers in utilities, vendors, research institutes and universities throughout the world and to
establish human networks and make future collaborations in this field.

Call for Papers

The next international water chemistry conference will take place from September 15-18, 2008 at
the Maritim Hotel Berlin, Berlin/Germany. Papers are solicited for the following topic areas and the
conference agenda will include sessions on each of these areas.

Plenary Session

The role of chemistry in improving nuclear power plant performance


Primary chemistry including effects of pH, lithium/boric acid, potassium/ammonia, zinc, enriched
boric acid, activity build up, radiation control etc.

Pressurized Water Reactor Scientific Studies

Fundamental and laboratory studies, computer modelling

Secondary Chemistry Experience

Secondary chemistry including amines, dispersants, sludge management, flow accelerated
corrosion issues, steam generator tubing corrosion issues, lay up optimisation

BWR, RBMK Experience

Hydrogen water chemistry, noble metals, zinc, transient chemistry issues, corrosion issues,
Radiolysis and combustible gas management

Boiling Water Reactor Scientific Studies

Fundamental and laboratory studies, computer modelling

Water and Waste Treatment, Cooling Water Systems, Auxiliary Systems

Water purity control and advanced processes and monitoring technology, scale mitigation in
condensers and cooling towers, chemistry control in auxiliary systems, waste management

Mitigation of Materials Aging and Degradation

Control of corrosion processes, inhibitors, microbiologically induced corrosion

Chemistry and Fuel Performance Issues

Effects of chemistry changes on fuel performance, crud related fuel performance issues including
crud induced power shifts, investigations on tramp fuel

Cleaning and Decontamination

Steam generator chemical cleaning, fuel cleaning, full system decontamination

Power Upgrading

Chemistry and corrosion issues related to power upgrading and countermeasures

Lifetime Management

Chemistry and corrosion issues related to lifetime management and countermeasures

Quality Assurance / Quality Management

Quality assurance and management in NPPs’ chemistry department, IAEA and national standards

Future Developments (GEN IV), Supercritical Water

Chemistry related developments and identified problems

Abstract and Paper Information

To have your paper considered for this conference, please submit an abstract in English language
(1 page with about 300 words) summarising the main points of your paper. At the top of your
abstract please include your name, title, company, address, phone, fax and e-mail address.
Abstracts without this information will not be considered.

Abstract Submittal

Abstracts will be accepted via e-mail only. Please submit your abstract to Ulrich Staudt at by October 31, 2007.

The technical program will be reviewed and papers will be selected by a technical committee,
which includes international corresponding members. Some papers may be selected for poster
presentations. Notifications of acceptance will be sent via e-mail by January 31, 2008. Final
papers will be due on June 30, 2008.

All accepted conference papers will be published on a CD-ROM and distributed at the conference.
The conference will be held in English.

Accommodation and Transportation

The meeting will take place at the Maritim Hotel Berlin, Stauffenbergstr. 26, 10785 Berlin/Germany.
A special group rate for this hotel and the adjoining hotel Berlin Berlin, Luetzowplatz 17, 10785
Berlin/Germany, is available when reservation is made before July 15, 2008. Further detailed
information on the hotel reservation and transportation will be provided later on our website.

Spouses’ Programme

Not yet completed


The registration fee is 840 € before July 15, 2008 and 890 € after July 15, 2008. An additional
radiolysis workshop is planned to be held on September 19, 2008 and will be separately charged.
The registration fee for students and retired colleagues is 210 / 230 € before/ after July 15, 2008.

The fee includes a printed version and a CD-ROM with all presented papers (oral or posters
sessions) as well as the four lunches during the conference. The Oral Power Point presentations
will be available for downloading by the participants of the conference from the website shortly
after the conference.

A registration form will be available on the conference website in due course.

General Information
Mrs Ines Moors
VGB PowerTech, Klinkestr. 27-31, 45136 Essen/Germany
Phone : +49 201 8128 274      Fax : +49 201 8128 364
E-mail :


The website for the Conference is and it will be open from August 1, 2007.

Request for further information on the Conference

Please include my name on the mailing list:





Phone                                  Fax


Return to:

VGB PowerTech

Mrs Ines Moors

Klinkestr. 27-31

45136 Essen/Germany

or fax: +49 2018128 364

or e-mail :

Organizing Committee
F. Nordmann        France
S. Odar            Germany
W. Rühle           Germany
U. Staudt          Germany
H. Venz            Switzerland

International Corresponding Members
P. Andersson       Sweden
B. Beverskog       Norway
J. L. Bretelle     France
M. Chaucron        Argentina
H. Cheng           IAEA
F. Chu             Taiwan
K. Fruzzetti       U.S.A.
C. Goffin          Belgium
K. Ishigure        Japan
U. C. Kim          Korea
J. Kysela          Czech Republic
E. F. Lillo        Spain
D. Lister          Canada
K. Makela          Finland
K. Minkova         Bulgaria
H. Morland         South Africa
S. V. Narasimhan   India
S. Odar            Germany
M. Pick            United Kingdom
I. Pirvan          Romania
J. Schunk          Hungary
M. Simoncic        Slovenia
I. Smiesko         Slovak Republic
I. de Souza        Brazil
H. Venz            Switzerland
V. Yurmanov        Russia
W. Zhang           P. R. China

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