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									                                  Introduction to Wireless Technology

D-Link Product Training
Duration: 2 Days
Hands-on: Yes

Course Synopsis:
Wireless network technology has been around for many years, Wireless LAN technology is an altogether
more recent innovation, and one that is proving to be ever more popular. It offers ease of use,
portability, availability, and, no cabling. Overcoming people’s concern over security issues has been one
of the major hurdles for the manufacturers – many options are now available to secure your Wireless
LAN. This course introduces the concepts behind Wireless LANs and the issues facing any organisation
wanting to install one.

This course is designed for engineers involved in designing, implementing and supporting Wireless LANs.

At the end of this course you will be able to:
    • Explain the differences between the standards for Wireless LANs
    • Describe the use of radio frequencies for different technologies
    • Understand how CSMA (Carrier Sense Multiple Access) is used in Wireless LAN technology
    • Identify the D-Link products used to build Wireless LANs
    • Explain the security threats posed to users of Wireless LANs
    • Design and configure a basic Wireless LAN
    • Configure Wireless Lan Security

Pre- Requisites:
Delegates should have knowledge of Local Area Networking technology and PC operations and Windows.

Main Topics:

   •   Wireless LAN standards
   •   The Wireless spectrum (frequencies used)
   •   How CSMA/CD is used in Wireless LAN technology
   •   Products used to build a Wireless LAN (eg. Access Points, Antennas)
   •   Security threats and considerations (Hacking, War Driving, Eavesdropping, WEP/WPA, Encryption)
   •   Designing and configuring a Wireless LAN
       - How many users?
       - How much traffic?
       - Performance considerations?
       - Redundancy required?
       - Site surveys

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