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                                   Assistant Professor PhD Jasmina GRZINIC
                                              University Jurja Dobrile, Croatia

   Tourism and hotel business is becoming one of the leading industries of the
   world. Therefore, an increased attention needs to be paid to the study of
   trends in tourism because they determine the trends in hotel industry. The
   purpose of the paper is to point out the importance of hotel industry as one of
   the most important elements of development in tourist economies. The paper
   aims at introducing the newest trends in modern hotel industry and offering a
   review of the recent trends of demand and the directions of hotel industry
   development. The importance of hotel industry on both micro and macro, i.e.
   global level is increasing. Besides a series of theoretical representations and
   conclusions, this paper brings some concrete data and examples from
   practice in hotel management.

   Key words: Tourism industry, trends, European Union, perspectiveness,
   small country

     Introduction                                  The Declaration invited everybody
      The megatrends in tourism are           (both private and public subjects) to
particularly important in hotel industry      take into consideration some important
since the offer needs to follow trends        guidelines:
closely and continually adapt to the          • a complete recognizance of tourism,
demands and needs of the modern               especially    when      considering  the
tourist.     The       business        and    concept of sustainable development
developmental philosophy of modern            and important issues like diminishing
tourism on the whole is directed mainly       poverty;
towards the tourist, the spender and his      • integration of tourism in national
contentment. In that sense, when              development programs and strategies
devising plans for the development of         to diminish poverty;
hotel    industry,   the    key is       in   • sustain successful governments by
understanding long-term leading trends        giving shareholders, especially those on
and megatrends of tourism, resulting          the local level, timely information and
from the total social, economic and           clearly defined responsibilities;
technological changes of civilization.        • mobilize domestic sources in co-
      The following part of the paper         operation with financial institutions,
reviews the main features of trends in        micro creditors and providers of
tourist demand and the expected trends        business services, which will stimulate
of tourist demand in the future.              further development of the local private
      The meeting of governments, the         sector in order to aid the tourist
industrial sector, the UN agency and          programs of the community and
representatives of the citizens held in       programs of small and medium
the UNICEF building in New York on            enterprises in the tourist sector;
13 September 2005 on initiative of the        • encourage large national and
WTO resulted in the Declaration on            multinational companies to act in less
tourism      and      the      millennium     developed countries within the concept
development goals.                            of sustainable development and to
continuously adopt strong measures of         renovation of most tourist resorts,
social responsibility towards local           activities of the HTZ on promoting
communities and to undertake various          Croatian tourism, intensifying of air
measures in order to lower the rate of        traffic. These are all factors that
unemployment;                                 influenced the increasing turnover in the
• take care of social and cultural            hotel industry since 2001.
dimensions of tourism, implement the                 The basic problems of Croatian
Global ethical codex of tourism and           tourism and hotel industry are the
keep struggling against the exploit of        inadequacy of the tourist product to the
children in tourist industry;                 demands of the modern tourist market
• encourage co-operation between the          and an irrational expenditure, which
public and private sectors to develop         leads to an internal inefficiency. The
infrastructure in order to stimulate          business      operations     within     the
tourism and obtain the necessary              boundaries of a short season cause the
conditions for political stability, peace     average yearly occupancy rate of hotels
and allocation of public goods;               and the level of hotel income to be
• give greater priorities to the              much lower than that of the international
development of tourism.                       competition. With their rigidity, the
                                              external conditions in which the hotel
    Trends       in   Croatian      hotel     industry in Croatia operates (VAT rate
industry                                      of 22%, above average input prices,
      Strategic goals of Croatian tourism     overrated domestic currency exchange
in terms of hotel industry are mentioned      rate)     exceed     the    internationally
in the Croatian Tourism Development           comparable standards of burden.
Strategy until 2010. The goals are the               According to the data provided by
following:     regulation    of  property     the Central Bureau of Statistics, there is
relations and termination of the              a continuous growth of tourist turnover
privatization process of hotels, lasting      and the number of arrivals and
protection, implementation and respect        overnights. In 2005 Croatia had
of high ecological standards and long-        51.421.000 overnights, i.e. 7,58% more
term sustainable valorization of tourist      than in 2004 or 10,26% more than in
potentials, education of management           2003. In the data for 2005, domestic
and all employees is tourism, raising the     tourist account for 10,57% while foreign
quality of all accommodation capacities,      tourists account for 89,43%. According
basic and complementary, and the              to the countries of origin, Germany has
adjustment of the criteria of quality to      the lead with 23,92%, followed by Italy
the     international    standards,    the    with 12,39%, Slovenia 11,09%, Czech
entrance of known international hotel         Republic     8,81%,      Austria    8,17%,
brands on the Croatian market, a more         Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland and
efficient distribution and usage of           Great Britain.
modern trends in communication and                   The most overnights in all three
marketing.                                    observed years were recorded in the
      The business operations of hotel        group of hotels, villas and aparthotels.
industry in Croatia were conducted in         In 2005, the most overnights were
very difficult and unstable conditions in     recorded in the same group (29,1%),
the 90ies. The years to come can              which shows the importance of hotel
expect better results in hotel industry,      industry in Croatia. The next group,
first of all because of increasing            according to the number of overnights,
investments in the renovation and             are camps, private rooms and
refurbishing       of     new       hotels,   apartments.
improvements in roads infrastructure,

                                                                        Table 1
Arrivals and overnights of tourists in the Republic of Croatia according to the
                          types of facilities (in 000)
                                 ARRIVALS                  OVERNIGHTS
                           2003      2004     2005     2003     2004    2005
    Hotels, villas and
      aparthotels          3 013     3 324    3 702 13 275 13 745 14 964
         Camps             1 879     1 968    1 970 12 675 13 288 13 359
  Households – private
   rooms, apartments,
  Houses for holidays      1 667     1 757    1 982 11 188 11 579 13 859
     Tourist villages       666       668      666     4 835    4 687   4 703
  Nautic tourism ports      689       783      773     1 000    1 129   1 139
     Other facilities       964       912      902     3 662    3 369   3 397

         TOTAL              8 878      9 421    9 995 46 635 47 797 51 421
 Source: Statistical Yearbook for 2006, Central Bureau of Statistics of the Republic
                                     of Croatia

     The most overnights in all three            The data for tourism in 2006 of the
observed years were recorded in the         Central Bureau of Statistics show that
group of hotels, villas and aparthotels.    the most accommodation facilities are
In 2005, the most overnights were           part of the “Camps” group– a share of
recorded in the same group (29,1%),         31% in the overall accommodation
which shows the importance of hotel         capacity of the Republic of Croatia. The
industry in Croatia. The next group,        “Hotels, villas and aparthotels” group
according to the number of overnights,      accounts for 22,48% of the overall
are camps, private rooms and                capacity.

                            OVERNIGHTS 2005.
                                                               Hotels, villas, aparthotels
                                            29%                Households-private rooms,
                                                               Tourist villages

                                                               Nautical tourism ports
                                       26%                     Other facilities

 Figure 1. The structure of overnights in the Republic of Croatia according to
                           the type of facility in 2005.
Source: author’s interpretation, Statistical Yearbook for the year 2006, Central
Bureau of Statistics

 Turnover share - catering
                Cantins and ready                               Hotels
                   foor supply
                                         Spas and health
                                             resorts            Camps and other
                        4%                                      accomodation for short stays
  Restaurants        Bars                      1%

  Camps and other
  accomodation for                                              Cantins and ready foor supply
     short stays
                                                                Spas and health resorts

       Figure 2. Turnover structure in catering in 2005 (Rep. of Croatia)
Source: author’s interpretation, Statistical Yearbook for the year 2006, Central
Bureau of Statistics

     Due to intense investments made            quality of hotel offer have significantly
by companies and the application of the         improved, as shown by the following
new Rules on Categorization (in effect          data.
since May 2002), the standards and

                                                                       Table 2
 Hotels – structure in % according to the number of stars (2001/2003/2005) –
                              Republic of Croatia
                      2001                 2003                   2005
    1*                 8,2                  5,1                    6,6
    2*                40,9                  32,5                  36,1
    3*                45,3                   53                   46,7
    4*                 2,4                   6                     8,5
    5*                 3,3                  3,3                    2,1
  TOTAL                100                  100                   100
         Source: author's work (accessed: March, 2007),

       According to the statistics released     increasing demand on the international
by the Ministry of Sea, Tourism, Traffic        market.
and Development of the Republic of
Croatia for 2007, only nine hotels have              European hotel industry
the five stars category – only every                   Hotel industry has become a
fiftieth Croatian hotel. Nevertheless, the      significant cultural and civilizational
data also show that there is a decrease         need of the modern man. According to
in the share of hotels with 1* or 2*, and       data by Eurostat, hotels and similar
an increase of hotels with 3* and 4*.           facilities in 33 European countries
There was a particularly significant            have realized 1,61 billion overnights in
increase of 4* hotels for which there is        2005. Other collective types of

 accommodation realized half as much –         are improving as opposed to 1993 when
 around 758 million overnights.                the occupancy rate was 32 %.
       Approximately 216 000 hotels and             In the period from 2003 to 2005,
 similar facilities in 33 European             the overnights in European hotels
 countries offer over 12 million beds to       increased for more than 106 million,
 their guests, which means they have the       while the accommodation capacities of
 potential to realize around 4,6 billion       the mentioned facilities were added with
 overnights. This is not yet the case          1.07 million beds. The average growth
 since the current occupancy rate is only      of capacities in that period was more
 around 35% (2005). However, things            dynamic than that of the overnights
                                               (with a growth rate of 4,29% to 3,33%).

                                                                          Table 3
   Business operations of hotel industry in Europe from 2003 to 2005 (in 000)
           No. of
         facilities                    No. of        Total no. of overnights in
          - hotels      Employed        beds                   hotels
2003         213           8 147       11 690                1 505 612
2004         214           8 420       12 092                1 531 501
2005         216           8 851       12 761                1 611 621
     Source: author's work (accessed: March, 2007),

       There are five leading tourist                In 2005 the market leaders were
 destinations in Europe. In the analyzed       Spain (with 15,24% in the overall
 period (2003 – 2005), Spain, Italy,           overnights in hotels and similar facilities
 Germany, France and Great Britain             in the analyzed group of 30 European
 constantly make an average of 66,5% of        countries), Italy (14,91%), Germany
 total overnights in hotels in Europe.Total    (12,5%), France (12,3%), and Great
 overnights in hotels and similar              Britain (11,8%). The list goes on with
 accommodation in most European                Austria (in sixth place), Greece
 countries in 2005 (in millions) – rating      (seventh),      Portugal      (8 ),     the
 from no.1 to no.15 are explained in the       Netherlands (9 ) and the Czech
 text below.                                   Republic (10 ), while Croatia is placed
       In 2005 the market leaders were         13 . The placements on the European
 Spain (with 15,24% in the overall             tourist market taken by different
 overnights in hotels and similar facilities   countries are more or less stable,
 in the analyzed group of 30 European          although in time some countries
 countries), Italy (14,91%), Germany           manage to conquer a better position,
 (12,5%), France (12,3%), and Great            pushing some less successful countries
 Britain (11,8%). The list goes on with        further down the scale.
 Austria (in sixth place), Greece                    More than half of all the overnights
 (seventh),       Portugal     (8 ),     the   in hotels in Europe concern domestic
 Netherlands (9 ) and the Czech                tourism (residents) – 877 million or
 Republic (10 ), while Croatia is placed       54,46%. Foreign tourists (non residents)
 13 . The placements on the European           account for 734 million overnights or
 tourist market taken by different             45,54%.
 countries are more or less stable,                  In some countries domestic
 although in time some countries               tourism is more developed than foreign
 manage to conquer a better position,          tourism. For example, the share of
 pushing some less successful countries        resident overnights in hotel capacities in
 further down the scale.                       2005 was 81% in Germany, 76,5% in

Sweden, 73% in Finland, 72% in               expectancy, growth of information
Norway, 69% in Great Britain, 63% in         technology and better informedness,
France, 61% in Poland and 57% in Italy.      increasing accent on ecology and
Romania can also be listed in the group      healthy food, hiking in nature, physical
with 87% of resident overnights in its       and spiritual recovery, increasing need
hotel capacities in 2000.                    for security and health preservation
         However, in the majority of the     (wellness, spa, bio food), adventure
countries (23 out of 33), foreign tourists   contents and excitement, growing
prevail in the structure of overnights in    demand for congressional contents and
hotels. An especially high share of non      incentive offer, visiting cities and
resident overnights (around 90%) is          important events (sports, cultural,
recorded in Liechtenstein, Luxembourg,       religious, business, etc.), diversification
Cyprus and Croatia. In foreign tourism       of accommodation capacities and their
(non residents) on the European              suitability to target groups of tourists,
market, the leaders are Spain with 19%,      growing demand for innovative contents
Italy with 14%, France with 10%,             and new motives for traveling,
followed by Great Britain (8%), Austria      accommodation has to be recognizable
(7,7%) and Germany on the 7 place.           and guarantee quality.
Croatia is placed 11 on the European               Modern trends in hotel business
tourist market as far as non resident        follow the habits and needs of people
overnights in hotels are concerned.          living and working in conditions imposed
                                             by the modern lifestyle. Therefore, the
     Conclusions                             trends in the global tourist market will
      The hotel industry has become an       determine the trends in hotel industry.
important cultural and civilizational need         The nature of innovation is such
of the modern man. On the basis of an        that it can stay innovative only for a
analysis of hotel industry in Croatia and    short time: when a type of approach to a
the world, the majority of overnights in a   client becomes practice, it stops being
year belongs to hotels as opposed to         an innovation. Along with pools,
other forms of accommodation. The            massages and sports facilities, beauty
number of hotel overnights is constantly     spas and wellness centers have also
increasing     and      so      are    the   found their place in hotels.
accommodation capacities. There is                 Today, the traditional medium
also an increase in the number of hotels     category hotel chains with standardized
and employees in hotel industry.             services seem featureless, even
Therefore, it can be said that hotel         unappealing. The modern consumer
industry is one of the most important        knows exactly what he wants, and hotel
segments of tourism in the world.            managers who want to succeed have to
      Megatrends     in    tourism     are   identify the needs of their clients and
particularly important in hotel industry     find creative ways to please them.
since the offer needs to follow trends             In this way, beside a huge mass of
closely and continually adapt to the         drab hotels on the world market that no
demands and needs of the modern              longer satisfy the demanding modern
tourist.     The       business        and   traveler, there are several types of
developmental philosophy of modern           hotels which have their own individuality
tourism on the whole is maximally            and recognizability. The whole service
directed towards the tourist, the spender    in hotels has to adapt to the needs of
and his contentment.                         the individual so that offer is generally
      The most important trends in           tailored to individual wishes – love for
tourism can be summed up as follows:         music, wines, hobbies, technology, etc.
changed needs of people (changed                   Business       hotels,    wellness,
work and life conditions), longer life       boutiques, clubs, eco or bio hotels,

historical, family or hotels adjusted to    keeping with the new demands, new
the needs of the handicapped, all           ways of thinking and need of the new
inclusive offer and brand-hotels are only   global market. The speed of change will
some of the leading trends in creating      demand a constant evaluation in order
hotel offer, bound to differentiate even    to keep up with the ever changing
more.                                       market.
      Successful hotels will study each
trend and devise an action plan in


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