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									Curriculum Map for French II

Teacher: Tina Lowry

School: Girard High School

  Month            Content              Skills                Assessment          Essential Questions        Standards
August        Review present     - Identify and         Daily board work on
              tense of regular   conjugate present      all topics               How do I use a present       28.C.2a
              and irregular      tense of the                                    tense verb properly in a
              verbs.             following verbs:       Fill in the blank               sentence?             28.C.2b
                                 être; aller; avoir;    vocabulary quiz –
              Review             faire; pouvoir;        English to French and   What are the six forms of     28.C.1a
              vocabulary from    vouloir; verbs         French to English.            each verb?
              French I           ending in –er, -ir,
                                 and –re; lire; dire;   Test: Fill in the        How can I recognize the
              Review Futur       écrire; boire;         blank; Translation       difference between past,
              Proche             devoir.                                          present and future in a
                                 - Recognize                                             sentence?
              Review Passé       vocabulary from
              Composé            French I                                         How do I formulate a
                                 - Identify and use                               future- or past-tense
                                 futur proche                                          sentence?
                                 - Identify and use
                                 passé compose
                                 - Recognize the
                                 between past,
                                 present, and
                                 future tenses.

September     Review Passé       - Identify and use     Write a paragraph of    How do I formulate a past-    28.A.2a
              Composé            passé compose          at least 10 sentences       tense sentence?
          New Vocabulary      - Identify and use   using passé compose.                                  28.C.2a
          –culture,           new vocabulary                                  How can I recognize
          museums, art,       terms related to     Create a PowerPoint       French artists‟ works?      28.C.3a
          sculpture           museums, theater,    Presentation about a
                              and movies           French artist. Show     Who are some of the most      28.D.2a
          Artists of France   - Identify French    their most famous       renowned French artists
                              artists‟ work by     works and give a            and sculptors?            28.D.3b
          New Present         name and artist      short biography of
          tense verbs         - Use inverted       the artist.               Where can I find their      29.B.1a
                              object pronouns                                       work?
          Object Pronouns     to tell what         Fill in the blank                                     29.B.2a
                              happens to           vocabulary quiz –        How do I use an inverted
          Short Reading on    someone              English to French and   object pronoun to tell what   29.B.2b
          museums in          - Speak generally    French to English.        happens to someone?
          France              about French                                                               29.B.3a
                              museums and          Test: Fill in the       When are French museums
                              theaters             blank; Translation      open and what can I expect
                                                                                 to find there?
                                                   Daily board work on
                                                   all topics

October   Direct object       - Identify and use   Daily board work on     How do I express what I do    28.A.2a
          pronouns            „lui‟ and „leur‟     all topics                   for someone?
                              (telling what you                                                          28.B.2b
          Listening in the    do for others)       Fill in the blank     How do I describe the parts
          target language     - Watch a film       vocabulary quiz –          of a computer?             28.C.2a
                              with which the       English to French and
          Vocabulary –        students are         French to English.       What are the proper          28.C.3a
          items regarding     familiar in the                             expressions to use when
          the computer, the   target language      Test: Fill in the       making a phone call?          28.D.2a
          telephone and       with English         blank; Translation
           communications       subtitles                                     How do I formulate and      29.A.3
                                - Identify and use                            use the imperfect tense?
           Imperfect tense      vocabulary terms                                                          29.C.2c
                                regarding the                                 When do I use imparfait
           The differences      parts of a                                    versus passé composé?       30.A.2d
           between the          computer, how to
           imparfait and        make a phone                                   Why do I use imparfait     30.B.2a
           passé composé        call, and other                              rather than passé composé
                                communications                                 for past tense phrases?    30.B.3a
           English language     - Identify and use
           reading about        the imperfect                                  What problems might I
           French               tense to express                               face being an English
           computers            past-tense                                   speaker and computer-user
                                situations                                      if I were in France?
                                -Recognize the
                                between imparfait
                                and passé
                                - Know when to
                                use imparfait vs.
                                passé composé
November   Vocabulary           - Identify and use   Daily board work on                                  28.A.2a
                                new vocabulary       all topics                 When do I use the
           The differences      related to postal                            imperfect tense as opposed   28.B.2b
           between the          service and          Fill in the blank          to passé composé?
           imparfait and        banking              vocabulary quiz –                                    28.C.2a
           passé compose        - Differentiate      English to French and    How do I express come,
           Telling a story in   between passé        French to English.      become, and come back in     28.C.2b
           the past – using     composé and                                      the present tense?
           imparfait            imparfait            Test: Fill in the                                    29.D.2
                                -Use imparfait to    blank; Translation        How do French trains
           Present tense        recount a story                               differ now from historic    30.A.2a
           irregular verbs     - Conjugate and                                        trains?
                               use the irregular                                                         30.A.1b
           Illustrated         verbs venir,                                    How can I give more
           reading on          devenir, and                                   information in a single    30.B.2b
           historic and        revenir                                       sentence using a relative
           present-day train   - Discuss and                                        pronoun?
           travel              compare train
                               travel of today                              What are some differences
           Relative            and historically                             in French train systems in
           pronouns qui and    - Be able to give                                 the past to now?
           que                 more information
                               in a single
           Illustrated         sentence using the
           reading on          relative pronouns
           typical French      qui and que
           teenagers           - Discuss daily
                               life situations of
                               French teenagers

December   Vocabulary          - Identify and use   Daily board work on                                  28.A.2a
                               vocabulary           all topics              What does a typical French
           Simple Future       related to food                                  meal consist of?         28.A.3a
           tense               and cooking          Fill in the blank
                               - Conjugate and      vocabulary quiz –        How can I identify the      28.A.3b
           Referring to        use the simple       English to French and   appliances in the kitchen?
           something           future tense         French to English.                                   28.B.2a
           already             - Recognize key                              How do I express what will
           mentioned           differences          Test: Fill in the               happen?              28.B.3b
                               between futur        blank; Translation                                      .
           Illustrated         simple and futur                             How do I use two pronouns    28.C.3a
           reading on          proche                                         in a single sentence?
          cuisine           - Use a direct and                                                          28.C.3b
          throughout        and an indirect                               Where can I use the two
          France            object pronoun in                             object pronoun sentence       28.D.3b
                            a single sentence                                    structure?
          Review            - Discuss                                                                   30.A.2a
                            different French                              What types of meals do
                            foods associated                              they eat in the different     29.A.3
                            with the regions                                regions of France?
                            of France
                            - Review all
                            major topics from
                            August to
                            December for
                            Final Exam
January   Vocabulary        - Use and identify   Daily board work on                                     28.A.3a
                            vocabulary           all topics              How can I express what I
          The conditional   concerning cars                              need at a service station or    28.A.2b
          tense             and traveling by     Fill in the blank         while traveling by car?
                            road                 vocabulary quiz –                                       28.B.2a
          The future simple - Use and identify   English to French and    How do I express what I
          tense             vocabulary           French to English.         could or would do?           28.B.3a
          Expressing        emergency            Test: Fill in the        How are the conditional        28.C.3a
          conditions        medical care,        blank; Translation      tense and the future tense
                            accidents and                                        different?              28.D.3a .
          Illustrated       hospitals
          reading about     - Conjugate and                                What differences can I        29.A.3
          driving in France use the                                      expect if I were to drive in
                            conditional tense                                      France?
          Reading in        - Recognize
          English about     similarities and                              How do I express direct
          French rules of   differences                                   and indirect questions?
          the road          between the
                   conjugations of          How do I use the
Expressing what, the conditional        superlative to tell the least
direct and         and future simple          and the most?
indirect questions tense
                   - Use an „if‟            How do I express
The superlative    clause to express        good/better/best?
                   the conditions or
Expressing         possibilities
“better”           - Understand the
                   differences in
                   road signage and
                   rules of the road
                   between France
                   and the United
                   - Use appropriate
                   forms of qu‟est-ce
                   que and qu‟est-ce
                   qui to express
                   direct questions
                   - Use appropriate
                   forms of ce que
                   and ce qui to
                   express indirect
                   - Use the
                   superlative to
                   express best or
                   - Use
                   meilleur/mieux to
February   Vocabulary            - Understand and      Daily board work on     What do I do if I have a       28.A.2a
                                 discuss an            all topics              medical emergency while
           Illustrated           illustrated reading                             traveling in France?         28.A.3a
           reading               concerning an         Fill in the blank
                                 accident and a        vocabulary quiz –        How do I appropriately        28.A.3b
           Passé composé         trip to the           English to French and   check in and ask questions
           using être or         emergency room        French to English.           at a hotel desk?          28.B.3b
           avoir with            - Identify and use
           descendre,            vocabulary            Test: Fill in the       When do I use être versus      28.C.3a
           monter, passer,       concerning travel     blank; Translation        avoir with descendre,
           rentrer, and sortir   and hotel stays                               monter, passer, rentrer, and   30.A.1a
                                 - Understand the                                        sortir?
           Adverbs               difference in                                                                30.B.2b
                                 meaning if you                                 How do I formulate an
                                 use être or avoir                             adverb from an adjective?
                                 to conjugate the
                                 passé composé                                 What can I expect if I wish
                                 with the verbs                                to travel to Nice, France?
                                 monter, passer,
                                 rentrer, and sortir
                                 - Use and make
                                 adverbs from
                                 - Read and
                                 discuss an
                                 illustrated reading
                                 on traveling to
March      Geography of          - Identify rivers,    Daily board work on
           France                mountains,            all topics              Where are key geographic       28.A.3a
                                 neighboring                                   features located in France?
           Destination:          countries, and key    Fill in the blank                                      28.A.3b
        France video      cities on a map of     vocabulary quiz –       What are the 22 provinces
                          France                 English to French and   of France and what makes     28.C.3a
        Provinces of      - Locate and label     French to English.       them different from one
        France            the provinces of                                       another?             28.D.3a
                          France                 Test: Fill in the
        Research a        - Discuss some of      blank; Translation         What products are         28.D.3b
        province of       the different                                  produced in France and in
        France for        characteristics of     Oral Presentation on          which areas?           29.D.3
        presentation to   the provinces of       a French province
        the class         France                                                                      29.E.3
                          - Identify
                          different products                                                          30.A.3c
                          produced in
                          different areas of                                                          30.B.2a
                          - Research in                                                               30.B.3a
                          depth a chosen
                          province of
                          France and
                          present findings
                          to the class
April   Vocabulary        - Use and identify     Daily board work on      What are some common        28.A.3a
                          vocabulary             all topics                  forms of public
        The Paris Metro   concerning public                                 transportation in         28.A.3b
                          transportation,        Fill in the blank           France/Europe?
        Forming           metro and bus          vocabulary quiz –                                    28.C.3a
        questions         - Learn how to         English to French and   How do I get around on the
                          use the Paris          French to English.       metro system in Paris?      28.D.3a
        Expressing time   metro; create
                          itineraries and tell   Test: Fill in the         How do I formulate a       28.D.3b
        Illustrated       how to get from        blank; Translation            question?
        reading           point to point                                                              29.D.3
                          - Learn how to                                    How do I express a
                         formulate and use                            statement that began in the     29.E.3
                         proper questions                             past and continues into the
                         - Use the                                             present?               30.A.3c
                         „depuis‟ to                                                                  30.B.2a
                         describe an action
                         that began in the
                         past and
                         continues into the
                         - Read and
                         discuss public
                         transportation in
May   Vocabulary         - Use and identify   Daily board work on                                     28.A.3a
                         vocabulary           all topics                  How can I ask for
      distinguishing     concerning the                               directions when traveling?      28.A.3b
      between two        city and the         Fill in the blank
      people or things   country              vocabulary quiz –       What are some traffic rules     28.C.3a
                         - Use lequel or      English to French and    and signs I should know
      Present tense      celui-là to ask      French to English.      before driving in the city or   28.D.3a
      irregular verbs    „which one‟                                        in the country?
                         - Conjugate and      Test: Fill in the                                       28.D.3b
      Illustrated        use the irregular    blank; Translation       How do I make a present
      reading            verbs suivre,                                 tense sentence using the       29.D.3
                         conduire, and                                 verbs suivre, conduire or
      Review             vivre in the                                           vivre?
                         present tense
                         - Read and                                    What kinds of agriculture
                         discuss a short                                products are found in
                         reading on                                            France?
                         farmers in France
                         - Review all                                     How do they farm
major topics from   differently than we do in
January to May          the United States?
for Final Exams

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