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Facts about paid online surveys


									Facts about paid online surveys

Rumors surround paid online surveys. People simply don’t believe that something that requires
so little effort can be so rewarding. The truth is paid online surveys can reward people in
numerous ways. Paid surveys reward survey takers through cash payments, prizes, or even free
product trials.

The biggest rumor about paid online surveys is you won’t make any money doing them. provides members with advertisers that promise the highest payouts. Online
paid surveys pay between $.20 and $50, some offer even more.

Online paid surveys are not going to replace your day job, but can earn extra money for stay at
home parents. With paid online surveys more is better. Sign up for as many legitimate websites
as possible to maximize the rewards. has no minimum or maximum
requirements, but surveys are limited to matches based on member’s profiles. The better a
member’s profile the more surveys they will be eligible for. offers businesses a fast and easy way to conduct market research. Companies
want to pay people for their opinion because they need the public’s opinion about products or
services that they are selling. No matter if it is a new line of product or an improvement on an
existing product companies need the public’s feedback, which time is worth money. The more
time members spend providing feedback the more they will be rewarded!

Online paid surveys are one of the fastest and easiest ways to make money online, but only
through a legitimate company. Online paid surveys generally take about 15 minutes, but some
can be longer. How long it takes depends on how fast members can fill out the questionnaire,
generally though the longer the survey the higher the compensation.

Online paid surveys are available to everybody, but not everybody will qualify for the same
online surveys. Most surveys at have specific requirements that must be met.
If a user meets the requirements they are eligible for the survey. The main requirements are age
and sex. Income, race, and ethnicity also play a part in determining eligibility because they want
to hear from a specific group of users, but other times they only allow spots for a set number of
people. Limits are placed on ho many people can participate in the survey based on income, race,
and ethnicity, sometimes age and sex too.

If enough money is earned through surveys taxes will have to be filed, but tax deductions for
computers and internet access can be claimed.

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