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Les Pharons du nouvel empire: Une pense stratgique (1550-1069 avant J.-C.) by ProQuest


Yet how can this be justified, when velocity of travel, food, and water supply - to mention three essential factors of Imperium and war - must be taken into consideration by any author before fundamental conclusions regarding power and weakness can be stated? 25 No matter how ambitious and enchanting that work, a literary product that is "almost a first rate book," the fact remains that the plot is stuck in an adolescent conception of reality, suitable for advanced British schoolboys.26 Hence, Kipling's famous turn of phrase is better applied to non- violent and passive international tte--ttes than to any real encounter on the battlefield or to an ongoing series of conflicting international relations carried out, probably by both sides, with a serious ragione di stato.

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									358                      Journal of the American Oriental Society 128.2 (2008)

109.1 (2007): 1–7, and the results from a different type of climactic data, H. C. Zhang et al., “Dating
Paleosol and Animal Remains in Loess Deposits,” Radiocar
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