Rescue and rebirth by ProQuest


Once one of the finest Art Deco theaters in the US, the Fox Theater was also one of the most glamorous entertainment venues built by Hollywood's William Fox in the early 20th century. The theater operated as a movie and performance theater for 70 years and served as the home for the Spokane Symphony from 1968 to 1974. After the Spokane Symphony moved to a different theater, The Fox was sold to another company that made significant structural and cosmetic changes. It changed the theater into a triplex, dividing the balcony in half and adding two movie screens into the space. In addition to a painstaking historic restoration and preservation, the project allowed the theater to become a technological leader in the performing arts community. With ultra-fast Internet2 capability -- which allows for real-time interactivity in high-definition --the technology promises to carry the theater into the future.

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