The Factors Associated with Adolescent Marriages and Outcomes of Adolescent Pregnancies in Mardin Turkey by ProQuest


In the US in 1997, the pregnancy rate for Hispanic teens was 97.4 per 1000, while the figure for black teenagers was 88.2; the rate was sharply lower for non-Hispanic white American teenagers, 36.0 pregnancies per 1000 (Stephanie & Ventura, 2000). The obligation of women to marry earlier, for example before the age of 16 years, was frequently observed in families speaking Arabic and Kurdish, which is representative of a pervasive neglect of women's human rights. Spontaneous abortion, preterm delivery, combined fetal death and infant mortality, and loosing pregnancies any time during their childbearing years are the health risks of adolescent pregnancies (Bukulmez & Deren, 2000; Cansun & Kadayifcioglu, 2000; Kir & Gulec, 2005; Shawky & Milat, 2000).

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