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Dual examination process raises our standards


To fulfill the goal of having Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC) designated members recognized as first-tier professionals, the Board of Directors has approved a series of measures over the last 10 years to align the AIC curriculum and experience with those of comparable professions. The finishing touch on the most recent round of enhancements is the launch of the new dual examination process for members applying for either the CRA or AACI designation. AIC designations are held in high regard and those holding them must be held to a high standard. Qualifying members must have both the experience and qualities expected of AIC designated members. A comprehensive resource center has been created to assist Candidates for designation in their preparation for the designation examinations in the Candidate Central Section of the AIC Website. Candidates are encouraged to review this material with their mentors early in their Applied Experience program, so that they are effectively preparing for the final assessment throughout the working relationship.

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