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Public Relations and Public Affairs: tested in the heat of presidential politics by ProQuest


This article tries to bring a sense of how the dynamics of change will alter the way you and other public relations and corporate public affairs professionals will be doing business in the next decade. If there's a trend building now that will cause the role of public relations and public affairs in corporate management to increase, it's got to be rooted in political involvement. Last year's midterm elections were at the top of the toughest-ever, nastiest-ever lists, and the presidential race in 2008 has A-teams everywhere scrambling for corporate political strategy as never, ever before. Corporate public relations and public affairs pros will be watching presidential race with great interest, seeking to channel negatives into positives, and often playing lead roles for candidates. Here, corporate diplomacy is the silent profession, practiced sans fanfare on a daily basis by corporate representatives beseeching local, state and national lawmakers for support of measures vital to the company.

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