Grey Relation Analysis for Leisure Service Industry Reputation Measurement by ProQuest


In the present competitive environment, corporate reputation is acknowledged as having the potential to impact customer loyalty and behavior toward the firm (Barich & Kotler, 1991; Nha & Gaston, 2001). Additionally, the influence of corporate reputation can be expected to become more important when there are higher levels of service (Cretu & Brodie, 2007). In Taiwan, there is now an increasing amount of research that relates to measuring corporate reputation. The indices that have been used vary from one study to the next. Although there is an increasing amount of reputation measuring research being done in Taiwan, there is still a scarcity of research that focuses on Taiwan's leisure service industry. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to utilize the indices proposed by Hung (2002) to identify the benchmark among the top five representative Taiwanese leisure service industry members. The main finding of this paper is that, among the top five representative leisure service industries in this study, the Uni-President Health Resort, in the experts' opinions, sets the benchmark for corporate reputation (1.00). Following the Uni-President Health resort in the rankings are the Pacific Life Resort (0.546), the Ta Shee Resort (0.451), the Sunrise Golf & Country Club (0.427), and the Kentington Resort (0.408). Further discussion of the key research findings and some suggested directions for future research are also provided. [PUBLICATION ABSTRACT]

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