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The C-crets Of Collaboration


The services include: * Initial assessment of skills, knowledge and abilities; * Rsum preparation and job application completion; * Interview skills training; * Employment-readiness training; * Pre-GED and GED classes; * Job search and placement assistance; * Access to an online computerized job bank network; * A list of community resources; and * Tax credits for employers who hire offenders under supervision. While the availability of state, county, municipal and nonprofit programs and services varies greatly throughout the state, other community partnerships have resulted in acquiring the services listed below: * Work force development training; * Job referrals; * Counseling services for females previously involved in the commercial sex trade; * Assistance with obtaining tax credits for hiring offenders under criminal supervision and the federal bonding program; * Acquisition of Social security cards for employment and identification purposes; * Initial assessments of skills, knowledge and abilities; * Fatherhood programming (parenting skills); * Health screenings; * Housing assistance; * Family counseling; * Screening eligibility for subsidies for utility bills; * STD/HIV/AIDS prevention, testing, education and referral services; * Adult literacy programs; * Computer instruction; * Housing for HFV-positive women and their children; * Conflict resolution and mediation services; * Addictions treatment services; and * Help with budget management.

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