Rocks of Mohave County, Arizona: An Educational Landscape Display by ProQuest


The creation of an educational geologic display at the Lake Havasu City campus of Mohave Community College was accomplished by collecting boulder-sized specimens of representative rock types that occur within the boundaries of Mohave County, Arizona. The intent of the display is to offer students something more comprehensive than hand specimens, to inform residents and visitors of the county's geologic diversity and history as well as to provide curriculum opportunities for K-14 in geology. Forty-nine boulders typifying rock types of the Basin and Range, the Colorado Plateau, and the Colorado River extensional corridor are labeled with a rock description and a map of the collection locality. An informative geologic timeline incorporated with the Colorado Plateau display and more in-depth information on the college's science website provide students and citizens with a good introduction to various concepts in geology. These components, accompanied by biological, environmental, and meteorological campus displays and by similar information on the website, are part of a growing program to promote natural science within the county. [PUBLICATION ABSTRACT]

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