Metalworking Fluid Microbes: What We Need to Know to Successfully Understand Cause-and-Effect Relationships by ProQuest


During the past decade we have witnessed a tumultuous debate over the disease risks posed by microbes that inhabit metalworking fluid (MWF) systems. Not infrequently, that debate has occurred in the absence of satisfactory data. This paper addresses the author's perspective on what types of data are needed in order to assess the actual disease risks posed by MWF microbes. The approach must be multidisciplinary and coordinated, including stakeholders with expertise in epidemiology, fluid management, immunology, industrial hygiene, microbiology and public health medicine. Traditional microbiological sampling and lest methods must be augmented by new, consensus methods that are adopted by industry stakeholders. Entities performing these tests should be participating in interlaboratory cross-check programs. The author will use Mycobacterium immunogenum to illustrate the general model for this strategy. [PUBLICATION ABSTRACT]

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