New MUTCD Minimum Sign Retroreflectivity Requirements by ProQuest


Revision 2 of the 2003 edition of the Federal Highway Administration's Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), which became effective in January 2008, adds new provisions regarding sign retroreflectivity to Section 2A.09 as well as a new Table 2A-3, Minimum Maintained Retroreflectivity Levels. The new MUTCD language lists various assessment and management methods recommended to manage sign retroreflectivity. Provided that an appropriate method is being used to maintain sign retroreflectivity, an agency would be in compliance with the requirements of the new provisions in Section 2A.09 even if some individual signs do not meet the minimum retroreflectivity levels at a particular point in time. Agencies also are permitted to develop and use other methods (not listed in MUTCD) based on engineering studies.

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