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Improving the Application of Transit Signal Priority Using the NTCIP 1211 Standard by ProQuest


Advancements in National Transportation Communications for Intelligent Transportation Systems Protocol (NTCIP) standards have made it possible to enhance the application of transit signal priority (TSP) systems. To date, incorporating the NTCIP 1211 standard into TSP deployments has been limited because systems are incapable of conforming to it. Each individual system has various limitations because the original design was completed without identifying the need for external, non-proprietary communications. A recent research project sponsored by the Federal Transit Administration was initiated to address the need for incorporating NTCIP standards to improve TSP applications. The research team developed case studies for the application of TSP that would incorporate various sources of information, making use of the NTCIP 1211 standard message framework in order to make an informed decision at the traffic signal control level. The audience and potential users of this research include traffic engineers, transit agencies, transportation equipment suppliers and consultants for these groups, as well as agencies charged with completing designs that improve transportation system control.

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