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					More than a roof: offering housing support
               Presented by
  Brian Doherty/Willie McBride/Robert Gunn
About Glasgow Simon Community
   working with people experiencing
  homelessness 18+ in 5 local authority
    providing street work, supported
 accommodation, resettlement / tenancy
 sustainment plus education, training and
        volunteering opportunities.
    Glasgow Simon Community Services
   Glasgow Street Services
   Resettlement and Housing Support Services
   Castlemilk Cluster Flats
   BUDS (Building Up and Developing Skills)
   Resettlement Training (RTS)
   Govanhill Women‟s Project
   Newlands Project
   Tollcross Project
   Parkhead Project
   Maryhill Project
   Dennistoun Project
   Castlemilk Mens Project
   North Lanarkshire Outreach Service
   Ayrshire Intensive Housing Support Service (AIHSS)
   Supported Living Project (Mental health)
      Service users comment:
“I wouldn‟t say settled, no. I‟ve got all these
   things in my life. There is still so much
   uncertainty, don‟t get me wrong, I‟m really,
   really happy sitting in my wee house, in my own
   tenancy , and being able to make choices about
   who I live with, whatever, but then there is the
   other side of it too, you know, I‟m still on the
   methadone, I‟ve still to find a job…and make
   friends as well, it‟s quite hard.” (26 year old
           Stages of support
 Pre-tenancy e.g. engaging with person
  while in residential rehabilitation, hospital,
  temporary accommodation, prison, street,
  care/of or other
 Resettlement – when service users returns
  to or receives tenancy
 Tenancy Sustainment – longer term
  tenancy management
           Pre-tenancy support

 Comprehensive and inclusive assessment
 Referral to appropriate service/s
 Information on housing options & rights
 Advocacy/communication with other services
 Accessing/maximising benefits
 Viewing housing
 Early intervention e.g. service user with history of repeat
 Prevention strategies
 Joint working with addiction and mental health services
    Resettlement – now I am in my tenancy

   Accessing furniture
   Registering with services e.g. electricity/gas
   Linkage to local services e.g. GP, CAT,
    community supports
   Applying for grants/accessing welfare rights
   Integration into local community to reduce social
    isolation/develop skills and interests/activities
   All the above via inclusive Support planning
    Sustaining a tenancy/maintaining a home

 Continued maximisation of benefits/
  access to welfare rights advice
 Support links into education, training
  and/or employment
 Advocacy
 “Door control” and increasing the chance
  of being a „good neighbour‟
   Appropriate and accessible support
   Early intervention/crisis support
   Access to welfare rights
   Suitable tenancies/better living conditions (Home not
    just a house)
   Co-operation between LHO‟s and RSL‟s and service
   Address rent arrears
   Provide access to family support
   Choice based letting?
   Tackling anti social behaviour
    Barriers to housing support
 Funding constraints
 Who is the care manager?/Clarity of roles between
 Short notice referral
 Meeting 2012 target
 Bureaucracy e.g. increased administrative demands on
  support staff
 Length of time in temporary accommodation
 Lack of appropriate and suitable tenancies/ provision of
  new housing to homeless service users
 Section 5 referrals – 1 area at a time
 Restrictive remits of services/inflexability
 Integrated & comprehensive assessment
  of support needs
 Quality joint working between services
  and sharing of information
 Comprehensive/inclusive support plan
 Integration into local community
 Prevention of eviction, tenancy
  breakdown/repeat homelessness
My experience of services

A service users experience of
  services working together
Brian Doherty
Glasgow Simon Community
Resettlement & Housing Support Services
Adelphi Centre
12 Commercial Road
G5 0PQ
Tel: 0141 420 3659