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Sinner and a movie


The Academy Awards presented five films for best picture this year. The show's host, Jon Stewart, noted that the nominees-save one comedy about a teenage mother-were rather psychotic in nature. "Tonight we look beyond the dark days to focus on this year's plate of psychopathic killer movies," Stewart quipped. "What happened? Does this town need a hug? All I can say is, thank God for teenage pregnancy!"The first-with its overemphasis on the inherent goodness of humanity-too flippantly dismisses the depths of our depravity. Sin is downplayed and explained away as outdated or too brutal for our fragile self-esteem. The cross of Christ is merely the symbolic act of a "superdude in sandals" who inspires us to good things, only to leave us completely distraught because, alas, we simply don't, won't or can't do it.

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