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Historically, the annual conference of the Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS) marked the changing of the guard for RIMS as a new president was introduced each year at the annual event. This has changed recently, according to Janice Ochenkowski, RIMS president. For the past several years, RIMS has placed a major emphasis on quality-related initiatives. Then Ochenkowski says, last year's emphasis was on insurance company quality. Ochenkowski also notes the increasing importance of enterprise risk management (ERM). She says that RIMS has gotten involved in ERM and they are working to move the ERM initiative along and to continue to position ourselves as the thought leaders in this area. RIMS will also be continuing a long-standing commitment to the legislative arena. Ochenkowski points out that, in past years, RIMS has gotten involved in many legislative initiatives. Ochenkowski is justifiably proud of the RIMS organization.

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