Wanted: Sexy HDTV That Connects to the Internet and Services All DVRs by ProQuest


In this year's Consumer Electronics Show, the author strolled through Panasonic's booth and couldn't help but notice a very sexy and sleek 150" plasma television. But what really caught his eye was another model off in the corner that a bunch of other guys were ogling. It was called a Viera TM and it had a built-in set-top box that was able to connect directly to the Internet and play YouTube and other content. Soon he found himself at Sony's booth and his mouth dropped when he saw this beautiful model called a Bravia, a name he later learned from a rep derived from "broadband video via the Internet." It was connected to a Web site where you could stream television and other content from providers. Clearly, televisions that connected to the Internet were the buzz at this year's CES, whether they were ready for prime time or not.

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