Organizational Culture by ProQuest


Workplace learning and performance professionals understand that culture can easily limit much of what we need to do. But because culture is hard to pin down in practical terms, let alone to effectively change for the better, it remains a baffling issue. However, organizational culture is simpler than our personal cultures, and it is much easier to change than we imagine. Organizational cultures lack the broad links that help define how we understand ourselves among others. This weakness also implies that organizational cultures are dynamic. The good news is that organizational cultures can adapt and change to new influences quickly. Stories help define an organization's culture. It's easy to use stories to change that culture. Simply get people to tell stories that amplify the best aspects of the organization. More important, tell positive stories often to drown out the sound of competing stories. The best way to get people to share good stories is through a cycle of inquiry, engagement, and review. If you follow this cycle, you will undoubtedly create culture change. More importantly, you will definitely be surprised at how effective, productive, content, and committed employees become, and how much better it is to work at your organization. [PUBLICATION ABSTRACT]

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