Education is the force behind many of the changes people experience in operations, systems, processes, and products. Here, Industrial Engineer spotlights a handful of programs that are producing the next generation of industrial engineers. Rochester Institute of Technology continues to mature with the times offering two more degree programs. According to Jacqueline Mozrall, department head and professor of industrial and systems engineering, the first objective of the engineering track is to develop student awareness of issues in sustainability. With the mantra "Hands On, Minds On," Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University's College of Engineering raised its standards in 2006 when it took the step of requiring tablet PCs for incoming freshmen. According to the University of Toronto, biomedical engineering jobs in Canada are expected to increase by more than 30% within the next seven years. Canada certainly provides fertile ground for process review and makes interesting territory for the appropriate uses (and abuses) of industrial engineering.

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