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Honouring Jesus: The play's the thing


Parents argue that their children are filling their young minds with violence. Young people don't answer because they're busy enjoying themselves, and society has trained them to believe that their parents and elders can't possibly relate to their world and don't know anything about anything.I don't mean to present this so onesidedly. My heart goes out to those people, young and old, who love to game (yes, "game" is now a verb) and actually consider their actions. They head to the Bible for answers and note, with sincere disappointment, that the Bible doesn't say a thing about video games. That means it's up to each person, right?The argument that something is not personally "harmful" is a poor one for any follower of Christ. We cannot label the words or actions of our radical Messiah as neutral, at least not by any definition I'm familiar with. His words, actions, thoughts-his very being-declared and ushered in the kingdom of his Father. I don't know how much Jesus played. I don't know which sports he enjoyed, if any. I don't know what he did for fun. But it's the things I do know that demand my life. Not some of it, or a large part of it... but all of it.

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