Hardwood - Easy Cutting by ProQuest


The HTH616 is based on Waratah's rugged New Zealand design, originally made for radiata pine. Yet it weighs just 1,550 kg, allowing Clem to put it at the end of a long squirt boom. "It'll handle all the hardwood I see around here, mostly maple with some yellow birch and ash, but because I can use it on that boom, I have 32' 7" of reach, which means I'm not travelling all over the site to take out the trees I want. It gives me a lot of flexibility in tree selection.""I'm still getting used to the parts I'll need to have on hand, but we'll get there," he notes as we look over the head's design. No doubt a thoughtfully stocked parts and service trailer and a well-oiled inventory control system would be a big help in keeping Clem in the operator's seat. And it's a place he likes just fine. Whether looking ahead at the job remaining, or in the rear view mirror at the work already done, he likes the new view."I've been doing it for 31 years straight, so I've got a good appreciation for the woods. I was just like everyone else around here starting out, and the first 25 years was mostly in the softwood production environment. But I prefer this sort of work. It takes more skill and experience, but as a result, it's much more rewarding when you're done. And it looks really good when you're finished, if you've done it right," he concludes, waving his hand across the forest all around us.

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