Suppressing Radio Frequency Interference in HF Radars by ProQuest


Since this part of the radio spectrum is particularly densely populated due to the worldwide use and propagation of radio frequencies, special care must be taken to adapt the HF radar's operating frequency, bandwidth, modulation scheme and transmit power to the varying electromagnetic environment. Statistics of Frequency Usage When setting up an HF radar system on the coast, the first step is to decide on the required working range and spatial resolution, which leads to the required operating frequency band. Frequency Scans Prior to each measurement cycle, which lasts 10 minutes for WERA, the licensed frequency range is scanned for the clearest operating frequency by switching off the radar transmitter and tuning the radar receivers from the lowest to the highest frequency licensed.\n The algorithm takes into account the radar's windowing functions, and thus, it is specific to FMCW modulation.

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