Remember Kosovo? The U.S. Army Effort That Began Our Involvement by ProQuest


The catalyst for U.N./NATO involvement was a heavyhanded general repression of ethnic Albanians that escalated into a massive and violent campaign conducted through the winter of 1998-99 by the then-Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY) army, Ministry of Interior police and ethnic Serbian militias to quash the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), which had increased attacks against the established government and with which the government had been skirmishing for a number of years. The attack aviation deployment was supported by a contingent from V Corps in Germany that included 26 Black Hawk and Chinook helicopters from the 12th Aviation Brigade, a light infantry company (later including an infantry battalion from the 82nd Airborne Division), a multiple launch rocket system platoon and a Humvee antitank company, accompanied by military intelligence, military police and combat service support personnel. (Some units came from outside V Corps.) The task force expanded with the addition of a Bradley mechanized infantry company, Abrams tank company, 155 mm howitzer battery, engineers, air defense artillery assets and a brigade headquarters element.

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