; Tikkun Passover Supplement 2008
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Tikkun Passover Supplement 2008


Just as the Congress elected in 2006 quickly capitulated to the war agenda, and even funded it at higher levels than the previous Congress had done (while Jewish senators Dianne Feinstein and Charles Schumer gave the votes necessary for the Senate Judiciary committee to confirm as Attorney General a judge who couldn't decide whether water-boarding was torture), so the leading candidates for president are not willing to commit to fully withdrawing our forces in 2009 or making the changes in the global economy necessary to save the planet from environmental destruction. Many of you might ask, "Isn't it a bit hypocritical to celebrate Passover and sing songs of freedom while the Jewish people give so much support to the Occupation ofthe West Bank and the oppression of Gaza?" The cutting off of fuel to the residents of Gaza at the height of winter in January 2008-in the face of which tens of thousands of Gazans literally tore the Israeli-constructed wall down in order to flee to Egypt-constitutes collective punishment of a civilian population for evil deeds committed by their leaders, an explicit violation of international human rights law.

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