Innovations That Could Change the Way You Manufacture by ProQuest


In October 2007, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SMEs) made the announcement that a new initiative d been developed -- Innovations That Could Change the Way You Manufacture -- a member-driven program to discover and showcase new and emerging technologies that are making a difference in manufacturing. Beginning in August 2007, representatives from SME's Technical Community Network met, exchanged e-mails, and held conference calls, to define criteria, exchange ideas, and ask for nominations from the entire manufacturing community. The nominations from those collaborations were then added to the initial ideas list. Eventually, some were kept and some were eliminated. Those that were kept were then sent to SME's Manufacturing Enterprise Council (MEC) for review. The MEC and SME staff members involved learned a lot about what is and is not important to manufacturing professionals. Going forward, the authors hope that they will be able to continue to grow this initiative and bring even more innovations to the forefront.

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