NFAIS: The Next 50 Years by ProQuest


The NFAIS 2008 Annual Conference and 50th Anniversary Gala started off with a bang. The city of Philadelphia declared Feb 24, 2008 as "NFAIS Day" to recognize the valuable education and information services that the National Federation of Advanced Information Services and its member organizations provide. Information discovery, once known as "searching," continues to be a hot topic in the New Information Order, and panelists shared their latest work. The National Geographic Society library staff is acting as a change agent in the creation of a "communications hub" on its intranet. Microsoft Surface, which was unveiled last year, is an innovative tool that lets a user process digital photos by dragging virtual prints into piles or create play lists of songs by dragging music icons across a special table to an image of a CD. Professor Ben Schneiderman at the University of Maryland notes that effective search strategies have raised users' expectations.

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