RELIGION by ProQuest


Accompanied by plenty of color photos, the short chapters cover history, beliefs, holy books and writings, worship, holidays, life cycle events, family life, and young adherents' viewpoints. Each double-page spread features some text in difficultto-read script accompanied by bucolic nature scenes: in "the valley of the shadow of death," a horse walks fearlessly past a vulture and a wolf. Bates's autumn-hued watercolor illustrations with visible sketch outlines are serviceable but undistinguished; Wilson's text features a soft, bland rhyme and lots of sensory details.\n After God creates the world, he makes humans to collect the powerful pieces of light that have escaped from a jar. Holt ISBN 978-0-8050-7894-7 $14.95 (3) PS A young Muslim boy describes the ways his family celebrates the holy month of Ramadan, explaining some of the rituals and symbols of the holiday.

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