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The Price is Always Right


"Since retiring, I started going to yard sales looking for "stuff" for the house I built on our farm. Since I love carpentry, I have found some amazing old tools. One of my best finds was a Cuisinart Coffee pot still unopened in its box for $15 that I bought for the farm. I knew it cost $150 because I bought the exact one for home. Our daughter always calls me on Saturday mornings with a list of things to look for - mostly for our three grandchildren. It is great fun.""I don't visit local yard sales on a regular basis, but every August is like Christmas for me. We travel with friends for three to four days on the Highway 127 Yard Sale. I have found most of my best treasures there vintage toys from the fifties, fabrics, paper memorabilia, tramp art pieces...etc. I'm a collage artist and the take home is amazing. We revisit the same people and places every year meeting people from all over the United States. It's one of those "you have to be there" to really explain the 127 Yard Sale experience."Connie Meyer writes regularly for Today's Woman. Her book, Starting From Scratch, (published by Vintage Romance Publishing, LLC) is an anthology of 14 Louisvillians' true love stories that took place before 1969. She has also been a commentator for Louisville's NPR station WFPL 89.3 FM. You can reach Connie at cmeyer@iamtodayswoman.com

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