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Life Priorities


There's an easy way to answer that question. list your top six priorities. Then list your daily activities and how much time you spend on each activity. Compare me two lists. Do they resemble each other? The way we live our lives tells the true story about our priorities. If we proclaim that our healtii is one of our top priorities, but tonight we spend zero minutes exercising and an hour eating fried chicken with gravy and chocolate cheesecake before we crash in front of the TV, we're really just giving lip service to our statement that caring for ourselves is a top priority. If we justify the fact that we are working parents by saying that what counts is the "quality of time not the quantity of time spent with our children" and then at the end of me day we have no energy to spend ANY time at all wim our children, how can we really believe that our children are our top priority? Who are we kidding? Probably just ourselves! Talk is cheap. It certainly won't buy priorities. They are purchased at a very high price.. .our time.

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