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Description: ACA's 1968/69 fiscal year kicked off with the introduction of John Bueche as the association's new president. In his acceptance speech at ACA's Annual Convention in New Orleans in 1968, Bueche said, "I want to see our association stronger and better respected at the end of my term, and I challenge each of you to work together in creating a new public image for the collection industry."The introduction of UCCC was a turning point for the association and its presence on Capitol Hill. For many years, ACA had only short-term representation in Washington, D.C. In 1960, ACA engaged legal counsel for the one-time job of getting a ruling from the Internal Revenue Service on the exemption status of the association's income. In 1966, ACA employed counsel on a retainer basis to represent the association in matters with the Federal Trade Commission. And in 1967, ACA retained William S. Bergman, president of Campaigns, USA, to help influence the final version of the proposed Consumer Credit Protection Act.ACA directors were familiar with the on-again, off-again recommendations to add a second story to ACA's building at 5011 Ewing Ave. in Minneapolis, but Bueche was in favor of constructing an entirely new building. In April, he flew to Minneapolis to sign the purchase agreement on land for the new ACA Center at 4040 W. 70th St. in Minneapolis. Bueche flew back to Minneapolis in May to help break ground for construction with senior ACA employees John Johnson, Lorraine Kennelly and Helen Beggs. The walls went up the next month, and the building was completed in the fall of 1969.
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