Designing an Interdisciplinary Short-Term Program in China by ProQuest


Three decades of breakneck economic growth (it's now the world's fourth largest economy, on its way to surpassing that of the current No. 1, the United States, within 10 years) has left China facing serious energy and environmental problems, including water too polluted for human consumption, acute energy shortages, and vast swaths of land that can no longer be farmed. Creating short-term education abroad courses in China for undergraduate students that focus on the correlation between economic growth and its impact on the environment will create a powerful tool for effectively promoting global environmental stewardship. Additionally, U.S. and Chinese students will work together to write a report outlining possible solutions to China's most pertinent environmental issues: water and air pollution, loss of biodiversity, global climate change, over-harvesting of marine and terrestrial ecosystems, and watershed management.

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