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Embracing Global Education


Under his leadership, Fairleigh Dickinson developed the first Web-based university requirement in the world with a groundbreaking distance-learning program; established a new category of Global Virtual Faculty(TM)-scholars and professionals from around the world who contribute to the online-learning environment; created the United Nations Pathways program, which brings members of the diplomatic corps to campus for interaction with students; launched The PublicMind(TM), a survey research center; and gained NGO status at the United Nations, among other accomplishments. The author of nine books, Adams' publications and research cover a wide variety of topics including print, publishing, communication and career development, as well as topics specific to the field of higher education. In a global economy and in an increasingly interconnected age, whether you work in a large multinational corporation or a national company, or even a small local company, events around the world are going to affect your life.

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