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The idea originated with Vlo Qubec Association, which has been promoting bicycle use in Quebec since 1967, and was developed in collaboration with the Government of Qubec, particularly Transports Qubec, as well as regional partners.The City of Airdrie, Alberta (population 31,500 and growing fast) is planning for long-term sustainable change. It has committed to a year of training in The Natural Step sustainability program for key staff and stakeholders to create an Integrated Community Sustainability Plan that will shape its growth as a prime location in the middle of one of the strongest economies in North America. Among the green changes it's already instituted are Alberta's first solar-powered, in-pavement LED crosswalks, just the second installation of the system in Canada. The self-sustaining system involves a system of flashing crosswalk markers embedded in the road. Each crosswalk is lit using 16 LEDs, which use less power than one 25watt incandescent light bulb. The lights are powered by batteries charged via solar panels.In 2006, it joined Clean Air Counts, which included utilizing only low-VOC cleaning products, paints and building materials, as well as energy-efficient lighting and alternative workplace transportation options. Also in 2006, The Merchandise Mart's recycling program saved over 13,000 trees and its water conservation efforts saved 5.5 million gallons of water. It has begun using recycled paper for all business purposes, installed motion-activated lighting in restrooms and lower wattage fixtures wherever possible, made an I-Go hybrid car available to tenants and employees 24 hours a day, retrofitted exit lights to require less energy and implemented an exterior and dock lighting schedule.

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