Building an Organic Color Scheme

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Description: To create a color scheme, first choose the wall paint in the desired color in either the water or oil base. Keep in mind the tones of the woodwork and of the floor and select a hue that is in the same family, either warm or cool, or contrasting. Generally, children love vibrant, even shocking colors, while mature adults prefer a more subdued hue. Warm colors do not have to be red, yellow or orange but, instead, they will have a golden base to their appearance. There are warm blues and greens just as there are cool reds and pinks. The "feel" of the color is important and to create a wonderful color scheme, compatible tones of warm or cool are best. Leave the mixing of those tones to a professional, because it is difficult to introduce both warm and cool spectrums and still have a unified feeling.Once the walls are painted and the secondary color chosen (if there is one), the color scheme should be set. In analogous color schemes, several very closely related colors in similar intensities are best with accessories of either neutrals or one of the shades chosen. Warm analogous colors would be something like orange, coral, golden orange, golden pink and warm white while cool colors would be red-based blue, turquoise, cool green and aqua. Do try to stick to the warm or cool colors, without mixing them, for easier decorating.For splashes of natural color, plants are always great options. Green goes with everything and there are many plants with colorful flowers that would compliment your decorating scheme. Colored glass, especially recycled and diffused glass, offers a myriad of intensities for accessorizing. Porcelain and pottery vases, Talevera tiles and art pieces come in a rainbow of colors as do fine art paintings and colored photographs. Choose items that have a shade of the wall color in them or compliment the whole color scheme. Even in a neutral color scheme, introducing found items in colors that set your spirits alive is a great option.
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