; Students Create Art: Expanding an After-School Program
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Students Create Art: Expanding an After-School Program


For the past 4 years the special education program at Hofstra University has partnered with a Long Island, New York school district in an after-school tutorial program for eighth grade students receiving special education services or considered "at risk." According to Hollister (p. 7) the most effective model for this type of program should include the following aspects: * Developmentally appropriate structure that provides physical and psychological safety. * Supportive relationships with adults. * Supportive respectful peer relationships. * A strong sense of belonging. * Experiences of mastery and mattering. * Chances to learn cognitive and noncognitive skills needed in school. * Strong positive social norms for behavior. Special education teachers receive many forms of student information: standardized test scores, IEP goals, and psychological evaluations, to name a few.

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