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									                    Application of Immunohistochemistry to
                             Gynecologic Pathology
                                Khush Mittal, MD; Robert Soslow, MD; W. G. McCluggage, FRCPath

● Context.—A large variety of tumors and lesions arise in              munohistochemistry of the lesions of the female genital
the female genital tract. Although the majority of these can           tract in a readily accessible form.
be correctly recognized on routine hematoxylin-eosin–                     Data Sources.—The review is based on previously pub-
stained slides, occasional cases present a diagnostic chal-            lished articles on this topic.
lenge. Immunohistochemical stains are extremely useful in                 Conclusions.—Immunohistochemical stains help in
resolving many of these problematic cases. As the knowl-               reaching a conclusive diagnosis in a variety of problematic
edge in this area is constantly expanding, it is useful to             lesions seen in gynecologic pathology. As in any other sys-
have this updated information in a review form for easy                tem, immunohistochemical findings need to be interpreted
access.                                                                in light of the clinical history and morphologic findings.
   Objective.—To present our current knowledge of im-                     (Arch Pathol Lab Med. 2008;132:402–423)

I  mmunohistochemical findings play a crucial role in the
    differential diagnosis of gynecologic lesions.1–3 Because
of the limitations of space, this article is almost exclusiv
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